Skateboard Obby: A Definitive Guide

A definitive guide to Skateboard Obby
A definitive guide to Skateboard Obby (Image via Roblox)

Skateboard Obby is a Roblox experience that combines the thrills of skateboarding with the challenge of an obstacle course. Featuring three worlds worth of courses and several boards to choose from, the game is easy to pick up but difficult to master. Skateboard Obby includes various options for you to play around with, making it a varied experience. Of course, if this is your first time playing an obby, it can be a little challenging to know what the game is all about.

To help newcomers ease into the obby experience, this guide will explain all the basics of Skateboard Obby, along with a few tips on clearing the different worlds easily.

Getting started in Skateboard Obby

Official cover for Skateboard Obby (Image via Roblox)
Official cover for Skateboard Obby (Image via Roblox)

An overview of Skateboard Obby

Skateboard Obby is based entirely around clearing long obstacle courses with checkpoints peppered along the way. Its main objective is to reach the finish line at the end of a gauntlet of obstacles.

Its glowing red obstacles will become progressively more difficult to avoid, and touching any of them will result in an instant failure. Each series of obstacles is preceded by a checkpoint, which allows you to quickly retry them if you happen to fall.

Reaching a checkpoint or the finish line rewards you with coins, which can be exchanged at the in-game shop.


  • Basic Movement: W, S, A, D
  • Camera: Move the Mouse while holding the Right Mouse Button
  • Jump: Spacebar
  • Boost: Q
  • Reset: R (hold)


World selection screen (Image via Roblox)
World selection screen (Image via Roblox)
  • Four massive Worlds: The experience features four worlds in total, with each being unlocked after beating the previous one. Alternatively, you can purchase a World Pass to bypass the unlocking process.
  • Complex obstacle setups: Each world is more difficult to complete than the last, with elaborate obstacle setups that require strategy over speed.
  • Compete with others: You can compete with others on the leaderboard to see which player finishes the course in the shortest time possible.


  • Controls vary based on the skateboard: Each board has a different stat spread, giving players a different feel while controlling them. High stats don’t necessarily make for a better board, so pick your skateboard wisely.
  • Boards available using coins at the shop: Boards can be purchased using the coins you earn through obstacle course completion.
  • Cosmetic options: You can add visual flair to your skateboard by purchasing trails from the same shop. These come in a few color and effect varieties, such as green, blue, white, fire, rainbow, and more.


The spin wheel offers tiered rewards (Image via Roblox)
The spin wheel offers tiered rewards (Image via Roblox)
  • Free spins rewarded over time: The game rewards you with free spins every eight hours of real-world time instead of in-game time. You can get up to three free spins every day, each of which has a decent chance of giving you something valuable.
  • Reward rarities: Rewards offered by spins are categorized into rarities denoted by their colors. Some of the higher-tier rewards are denoted by purple and violet colors, which include infinite flight and 1,000 coins.


  • The primary reward of crates: Crates have a random chance of giving you a high-rarity board when opened. These are essentially loot boxes that categorize rewards similarly to spins.
  • Available through coins or Robux: You can use coins or Robux to unlock crates and have a chance at some of the best boards in the game.

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Tips on clearing Skateboard Obby

An obstacle in Skateboard Obby (Image via Roblox)
An obstacle in Skateboard Obby (Image via Roblox)

If this is your first obby experience, some parts of the game may have you stumped. But don't worry, as the following tips can pull you out of a sticky situation and help you clear the obstacle course with relative ease.

  • Focus on accuracy over speed, as speed will cause you to lose control of your board. Take it slow through a section if you find it difficult.
  • There is no penalty for death, so take your time with a difficult section of the courses. The number of available tries has no limits, so feel free to observe the World and strategize.
  • You can always teleport back to a different world to try something different. Consider using freebies like Fly to make your journey through the Worlds easier.
  • If you feel like taking a break, consider opening the AFK World tab. For every minute of inactivity, the game will reward you with 20 coins for free.
  • Experiment with different boards to see which suits you the best. Some are better at handling, while others excel at speed.
  • Don’t forget to claim your free rewards, indicated by the gift icons on the right. There are two types of freebies to be claimed: the gift box icon for periodic rewards and the calendar icon for daily rewards.

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What is Skateboard Obby about?

Skateboard Obby is a Roblox experience where you use a skateboard to navigate through a path filled with dangerous obstacles.

Can I get skateboards for free in Skateboard Obby?

Yes, skateboards can be obtained for free, as they require the main in-game currency, coins, to be purchased.

What is the best way to complete a World in Skateboard Obby?

The best way to complete a World in Skateboard Obby is to go slowly and steadily to avoid unnecessary deaths.

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