South Bronx The Trenches: Citizen Guide

South Bronx The Trenches Citizen Guide
A comprehensive Roblox guide to being a citizen in South Bronx The Trenches (Image via Roblox)

South Bronx The Trenches is a Roblox title all about surviving in the Bronx. Featuring role-playing elements that are a staple in the genre, the game brings the essence of being the underdog to life. As a citizen, you must do whatever it takes to make it to the top while defending yourself from less-than-kind members of society.

Understanding what you need to do as a citizen of this experience can be a little difficult at first. After all, the game plops you in the middle of the neighborhood with no forewarning, usually with echoing sounds of gunfire in the distance. Not to worry, as this guide will help you understand how you can begin earning your livelihood in this game.

Here’s a complete look at what you can do as a citizen in South Bronx The Trenches and how you can survive.

The Basics of being a citizen in South Bronx The Trenches

Official South Bronx The Trenches cover (Image via Roblox)
Official South Bronx The Trenches cover (Image via Roblox)

Getting a job

Early on in the game, your main objective is to earn enough money to purchase items that help you survive. After spawning onto the map, the first thing any citizen should do is to get a job.

There are two starter jobs that you can take on: one at a boxing facility and the other at a restaurant. Both of these are indicated by unique icons that can be viewed by looking up at the sky. Follow them to reach your destination. We recommend working at the restaurant for an easy job that does not put you in the way of griefers.

Once you accept the job, follow the instructions given by your new boss and finish tasks. For each completed task, you will receive a small amount of money, which can be used to purchase outfits, accessories, and weapons. It is recommended not to be a spendthrift and save up for the time being.

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Obtaining a card for ATM access

The Masked dealer (Image via Roblox)
The Masked dealer (Image via Roblox)

Next, approach the bank and walk across the street to find a masked dealer that sells fake IDs. You will need it to get a bank account, which is required for getting the ATM card.

Purchase the ID, and apply for an account by walking inside the bank and talking to the clerk. Wait for the NPC to give you the approval before collecting your new card.

The card allows you to withdraw some cash from ATMs without any effort. Simply approach a machine and interact with it for one or two thousand in cash. This will not work if the ATM is turned off or has already been cleared by another player. Moreover, ATMs carry more money if the number of players in a server is high.

Making more money

Icons indicate opportunities in the game world (Image via Roblox)
Icons indicate opportunities in the game world (Image via Roblox)

Use the money you’ve made thus far to purchase a firearm. You can use your new weapon to rob stores, which usually yields plenty of income. The amount of money you earn depends directly on the type of store you choose.

A low-profile store like a diner attracts less attention during a robbery but also gives you less money. Conversely, a high-profile store attracts enough attention to make it extremely likely for you to get killed in the process. Pick your targets carefully and continue looking for sources of money until you have enough to buy everything you need.

It is also recommended to find an apartment to store your expensive belongings in. If you happen to die, you will lose access to everything in your backpack, effectively hampering your progress.

You can also get in combat with other players, although it is generally not recommended to do so. South Bronx The Trenches discourages killing other players, and it’s best not to violate any rules just in case the developers decide to take action someday.

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How do I get a job in South Bronx The Trenches?

You can get a job by talking to the owner of the establishment and requesting employment from them.

How do I get an ATM card in South Bronx The Trenches?

You can get access to an ATM card by getting a fake ID in the game and using it to open a bank account.

How can I make more money in South Bronx The Trenches?

The best way to make more money in the game is to purchase a firearm and use it to rob low-profile stores around the map.

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