Warrior Simulator: A Definitive Guide

A complete guide on Warrior Simulator
A complete guide on Warrior Simulator (Image via Roblox)

Warrior Simulator is a Roblox experience where you train your avatar and become the ultimate warrior. Its core gameplay loop is simple and easy to get into within minutes, making it a beginner-friendly game suited for every player.

Once you train sufficiently, you can take on hordes of monsters in the game’s several Zones. Defeat wave after wave of enemies to get wins and earn rare rewards, which can make you even stronger. After you have accumulated enough strength, you can venture into the PvP arena to duke it out with friends and rivals.

Stack up your wins, earn gems, and get your hands on weapons that are the stuff of legend. Read through this guide to get started in Warrior Simulator and experience the journey to be the best warrior the world has ever known.

Getting started in Warrior Simulator

Official Warrior Simulator Cover (Image via Roblox)
Official Warrior Simulator Cover (Image via Roblox)

An overview of Warrior Simulator

Boiled down to its basics, Warrior Simulator is a clicker action game, where you use your left mouse click to perform an attack. Each attack on a training dummy rewards you with XP, while doing the same against an enemy has a chance of dropping a reward.

Eliminate several waves of monsters to finish a Zone, upon which you can do it over again or move to the next one. Each Zone has a set of unlocking requirements and fulfilling them will grant you access to stronger enemy configurations and high-quality rewards.


  • Movement: W, S, A, D
  • Dodge: Q
  • Basic attack: Left Mouse Button

Lobby features

Main lobby in Warrior Simulator (Image via Roblox)
Main lobby in Warrior Simulator (Image via Roblox)
  • Training area: Use the training dummies in the training area to earn XP and level up. The higher your level, the more XP you need to reach the next level.
  • PvP Arena: Teleport to the world of PvP, where you can fight it out with fellow warriors seeking the path to power.
  • Zone: Enter the game’s main combat mode, where you battle through tens of enemy waves. Defeat each wave to get wins, gems, and unique item drops.
  • Shops: Various shops that offer items for in-game currency and Robux are present and accounted for. Use the specified currency to receive high-quality weapons, pets, and boosts.
  • Challenge the Final Boss: Complete 29 waves in a Zone to begin battling a monstrous entity that can defeat you within a few hits. Prevail against this formidable foe to receive exclusive items.
  • Index: Check the items you have found so far and the ones you are missing from each area. Complete the Index for more inventory space.
  • Iron Blacksmith: Upgrade and fuse weapons to strengthen them and deal hefty damage to the enemy.

Gameplay and progression

Weapon upgrades screen (Image via Roblox)
Weapon upgrades screen (Image via Roblox)
  • Weapons: Weapons can be obtained through random enemy drops in the Zone, purchased from the in-game shops using wins or Robux, or redeemed via a code. The stronger a weapon, the more damage it deals.
  • Weapon Upgrades: Weapons can be upgraded by using them to kill enemies. The more enemies you kill, the faster they level up. Moreover, they can be fused with other weapons to create a hybrid that is the sum of its parts.
  • Pets: Pets apply multipliers to your XP gain rate, significantly cutting down the time needed to grind for XP. Combine them with AFK World to level up by doing nothing.

Passive Rewards

  • AFK World: The game includes a mode where your character automatically trains itself. This mode rewards you every ten seconds with a random reward, such as XP, wins, and more.
  • Online activity gifts: After you're active for a certain duration, the game rewards you with a set reward. This reward can be viewed and claimed by clicking the gift box at the top of the screen.

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How to unlock all Worlds in Warrior Simulator

World select screen (Image via Roblox)
World select screen (Image via Roblox)

Warrior Simulator features no less than six Worlds that can be unlocked by playing through the PvE modes and leveling up. These maps include Forest, Desert, Beach, Snow, Volcano, and Castle.

Each World has two parts to its unlock condition: a level requirement and a completion requirement. Listed below are all the unlock conditions for each area:

  • Forest: Unlocked by default.
  • Desert: Reach level 15; complete the 30th wave in the Forest Zone.
  • Beach: Reach level 30; complete the 30th wave in the Desert Zone.
  • Snow: Reach level 60; complete the 30th wave in the Beach Zone.
  • Volcano: Reach level 90; complete the 30th wave in the Snow Zone.
  • Castle: Reach 130; complete the 30th wave in the Volcano Zone.

Tips to beat the Wave 30 Final Boss

Wave 30 final boss (Image via Roblox)
Wave 30 final boss (Image via Roblox)

Each Zone features a final boss on the 30th wave, a monstrously strong enemy that can decimate your HP pool within seconds. Since it takes a while to reach the boss, losing here means plenty of wasted time.

Here are a few tips to be mindful of while approaching this boss:

  • Watch your Level: Being over-leveled is the easiest path to success against the boss and, by extension, the entire game. Check the recommended level range for each Zone before entering it and try to reach its upper limit before attempting the boss battle.
  • Use your dodges carefully: Timing your dodges carefully is important, especially since it takes a while for the ability to cool down and be available again. Doing so well can save you from a devastating hit, effectively preventing the run from failing.
  • Use the right weapon: Make sure the weapon you use has a high damage rating. If not, consider upgrading it or finding one that can take care of the job for you.
  • Bring friends along: Having companions to help you fight the boss can completely trivialize the challenge. Feel free to grab a friend or two to blast through the levels and the boss with ease.

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What is Warrior Simulator about?

Warrior Simulator is a game about becoming the strongest possible fighter in the world by training and fighting against hordes of enemies.

How do I get legendary weapons in Warrior Simulator?

Legendary weapons are available in the shop for Robux and hefty amounts of wins.

What do pets do in Warrior Simulator?

Pets are an integral part of the leveling system in Warrior Simulator, as they add XP bonuses to your character.

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