5 Valorant Agents that perform well on Ascent

The best Valorant Agents for Ascent (Image via Sportskeeda)
The best Valorant Agents for Ascent (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant's rise to popularity has been an amazing journey to witness. The game's vast roster of characters have a variety of unique abilities that allow for experimentation with team compositions. It also has some of the most satisfying gunplay and a lot of unique weapons skins. The maps in Valorant are also very different compared to other titles.

Ascent was the first map to be released alongside Valorant's full launch. It has two sites for the spike to be planted at and two doors that can be opened or closed by hitting a switch. These can also be broken with bullets or some damage-inflicting utilities.


Ascent is quite favored by many players and hasn't received any changes ever since it's release. The map is considered to be defense-sided and has some standard team compositions that sometimes need a little experimentation. Below is a list of five Valorant Agents that perform well on Ascent.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinions of the writer.

5 Valorant Agents that work flawlessly on Ascent: Jett, Sova, and more

1) Jett


Jett is the best and a must-pick for Ascent. She comes under the Duelist category of Valorant's Agents her abilities allow her to take space quickly and get some early kills for the team. Jett is mostly the Operator and players usually use the Tailwind alongside the Operator to get first blood and retreat to a safer spot.

On Ascent, she can create a lot of chaos. It is one of the best maps for Jett, especially ever since Chamber was nerfed. For example, while attacking the B Site, she can throw her Cloudburst on the switch then use her Tailwind to get inside smoke. Then she can hit the switch to close the door in the B Site and push from the stairs to kill any enemy that might be hiding in the site.

Jett's ultimate, Blade Storm, is also very useful during eco rounds as it is an extremely strong ability to get quick kills and lend those weapons to the other teammates. She is most impactful on the defensive side of Ascent while using the Operator.

2) Sova


Sova comes all the way from Russia and has existed in Valorant ever since it's beta phase. He comes under the Initiator category of Agents and his abilities make him more of a passive-information-locator as opposed to his other Initiator friends.

Sova can have a lot of impact on Ascent due to the fact that the map has many spammable walls. The most notorious trick that the Agent uses is on the B Site as players can use his Recon Bolt from B Site into B Main. Once the enemy is pinged, he can just blast then with an Odin through the walk, leading to some very easy and quick first kills. His Shock Bolts can also cause some serious damage if used properly.

Sova's ultimate, Hunter's Fury, can be used as an offensive utility. While attacking the A Site, players can use his ultimate from A Main into A Tree to clear out enemies that may be potentially hiding there. This allows for a safer entry into the site.

3) Killjoy


Killjoy comes under the Sentinel category of Valorant's Agents and is another important Agent for Ascent. Her abilities allow her to hold down an entire site all by herself.

Killjoy is very useful for Ascent as she can hold down either of the sites as well as the mid area, which is considered to be very important on the map. For example, on the defensive half, Killjoy can just set up her Turret at the B Site to give information about enemies who might enter from B Main. Otherwise, her Alarmbot can be placed Mid Market to detect enemies who might be lurking around.

Killjoy's ultimate, Lockdown is very useful for retake scenarios and has also seen value while being used to enter a site. The Nanoswarms are a great piece of post-plant utility and can throw people off with some neat lineups.

4) Omen


Omen has been in Valorant ever since the beta stage and comes under the Controller category of Agents. His abilities allow him to be lurky and aggressive whenever he choses to be.

Omen's most useful ability besides his smokes is his Paranoia, which can be used to aid the team and set them up for some kills or even stall entries. For example, while entering the A Site, Omen can throw his Paranoia from A Main into A Tree to near-sight enemies that may be potentially hiding there. This allows the teammates pushing from Mid Cubby to A Tree to get kills easily.

Omen's ultimate, From the Shadows isn't the most impactful one but it does allow for one neat trick. If your team loses the spike to the enemy in a situation, Omen can use his ultimate on the spike and quickly cancel, which leads to him now getting it back. It is also useful for dodging a Killjoy's Lockdown detainment.

5) KAY/O


KAY/O was released in June 2021 with Patch 3.0. He comes under the Initiator category of Valorant's Agents and was the second after Skye to be released after the full launch of the game. KAY/O's abilities allow him to be a lot more aggressive and be the support that a chaotic Duelist might need.

KAY/O can have a lot of impact in Ascent wherein he can gather information with his ZERO/point and also be aggressive with his FLASH/drive. For example, while defending on A Site, He can quickly throw his ZERO/point from A Site to A Main to get information about enemies presence.

If enemies are present there, he can pop flash with his FLASH/drive and get quick kills in A Main. This type of play can also be used to set up the Jett players who might be using their Operator on an aggressive angle.

KAY/O's ultimate, NULL/cmd, is extremely useful for executing entry into the site as well as for retake situations. His FRAG/ment can be used to stall entries as well as for post-plant scenarios with nasty lineups.

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