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10 most memorable outside intrusions in WWE history

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Sports entertainment is a pre- determined sport. The action is planned and the result is booked. Outside intrusions in this case will be defined when a person or people who is/are known to be from other brands, make their appearance in another brand.They just don’t make a mere appearance, they make an impact.

How does the audience know that they’re from other brands? Either they are smart with their wrestling news or the commentators establish the fact that they belong/ belonged to some other brand.

Here are the 10 most memorable outside intrusions in WWE history-

10.The Outsiders

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The Outsiders

We’ll begin the list with one of the most famous examples during the Monday Night Wars. Razor Ramon and Diesel were no longer with the WWE. They signed new contracts with WCW. Scott Hall was the first one to make an appearance on WCW television. Kevin Nash followed soon after. They were known as The Outsiders. It was clearly stated that they were from their rival company out here to create havoc.

Nash and Hall interrupted Bischoff and cut a promo saying, “The measuring stick just changed around here, buddy. You’re looking at it.” But due to some legal concerns courtesy the WWE, they had to steer away from this backstory. So Bash of The Beach PPV happened and so did a Hulk Hogan heel turn. 

The Outsiders became the New World Order. And the rest is history.

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