10 Things WWE wants you to forget about this decade (the 2010s)

Let's we don't see any such segments in the coming decade!
Let's we don't see any such segments in the coming decade!
Vatsal Rathod

The last decade is finally gone and become a part of history. A lot has happened during these ten years in WWE - a shift in the company culture, new poster boys and girls, memorable feuds and matches, and whatnot.

As the decade came to an end, we saw the pro-wrestling giant ease into a new era. But even after all the massive global outreach and success, these weren't the best years in the company's history as many moments left the entire WWE Universe with a sour taste in the mouth.

The emergence of a new competitor, combined with low attendance on the shows and declining TV ratings were a few of the major concerns among the higher-ups. WWE has often been criticized for poor booking and lazy writing, and throughout the decade, we got numerous examples of the same - which, if possible, WWE would want to erase from everyone's memory.

So without further adieu, let's take a look at ten things which WWE wants you to forget about this past decade. Make sure to comment and let us know your thoughts and views on the same.

#10 The 18 Second embarrassment

The 2010s saw many Superstars win over the hearts of the fans, but none was a bigger babyface than the 5-time World Champion, Daniel Bryan. The rise of the YES movement and the WrestleMania 30 moment of Bryan was one of the best moments of this decade.

But a couple of years before all this, he faced an embarrassing moment at WrestleMania 28, when Sheamus defeated him to win the World Heavyweight Championship in merely 18 seconds.

For a Superstar of the caliber of Bryan, he would surely like to erase this match from the history. Daniel Bryan is one of the best wrestlers in the business and giving him a that sort of treatment was never a good idea. Thankfully, his fan support made sure WWE realized his true potential. The path to the top of the mountain is never easy - very well said!

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Edited by Shruti Sadbhav
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