10 WWE Superstars and their favorite NFL teams

There are a lot of crossover fans between NFL Teams and players and WWE superstars.
There are a lot of crossover fans between NFL Teams and players and WWE superstars.
Modified 03 May 2021
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With the big game slated to go down this weekend, fans around the world may tune in for the action while others might simply tune in for the commercials.

While many fans around the world tune in to the game, they'll likely be joined by the WWE Universe as well as many WWE superstars to watch the Los Angeles Rams take on the New England Patriots in order to call themselves the NFL Champions.

A lot of pro wrestlers have had their moments in the sun at big sports games, like when Seth Rollins was interviewed while attending a Bears' game and when he threw out the first pitch at a Baltimore Orioles game.

Wrestlers like the Miz, Dolph Ziggler and CM Punk have thrown out their first pitches at MLB games while Daniel Bryan had the honor of raising the '12th Man' flag at a Seattle Seahawks game.

Daniel Bryan also wrestled in the Seahawks' colors for much of the Fall of 2018 while Seth Rollins triumphed in the Royal Rumble while sporting the time-honoured navy and orange of the Chicago Bears.

Which superstars are fans of NFL teams? Here are some WWE superstars who are avid fans of particular NFL teams.

#10. Bayley - San Francisco 49ers

Bayley attended an Indianapolis Colts
Bayley attended an Indianapolis Colts' game to cheer on the 49ers.

The Hugger is a big fan of the San Francisco 49ers. She is from the city of Newark, California, which sits on the southern tip of San Francisco Bay. Since she grew up in such close proximity to San Francisco, it's not a huge surprise that she is a 49ers fan.

Being 29 years old, she missed the heyday of the 49ers in the 1980s when Joe Montana led the team to four Super Bowl titles.

She did probably get to revel in the 1994 title after the 49ers and Steve Young downed the San Diego Chargers, but she would have only been four or five years old.

Bayley and former boyfriend, Aaron Solow, attended a 49ers game with fellow WWE superstar and Titus O'Neil in the photo above. I guess she's lucky that the 49ers weren't one of the teams that recently moved to Los Angeles like the Rams and Chargers.

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Published 03 May 2021
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