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3 Reasons why Brock Lesnar will win the WWE Championship and 2 reasons why Vince McMahon won't let him

Ishaan Sharma
Published Sep 23, 2019
Sep 23, 2019 IST

The Beast vs The Fiend?
The Beast vs The Fiend?

The Beast Brock Lesnar returned to SmackDown Live last week and challenged Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship. Since then, fans have been speculating as to whether or not he will win the title. As per reports, the odds are in favor of The Beast winning the WWE Championship.

However, we never know when Vince McMahon will pull the trigger and do the unthinkable, which, in this case, is by allowing Kingston to beat Lesnar to retain his title.

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Here are 3 reasons why Lesnar will win the WWE Championship and 2 reasons why Vince McMahon won't let it happen.

#5 Why he will win the WWE Championship: A great start for the premiere of Friday Night SmackDown on FOX

Friday Night SmackDown
Friday Night SmackDown

SmackDown Live is moving to FOX next month. Fans are excited about this move as it guarantees that SmackDown would no longer be known as the "B Show" in WWE. Instead, it will debut on the network with a fresh start and Lesnar's return to the show is proof of it.

The former Universal Champion hasn't wrestled on the blue brand since 2004. He is now going to return to face Kofi Kingston at the show's debut on FOX. His return has already made Friday Night SmackDown’s premiere seem like a big deal and who knows? Perhaps that's the way WWE wants to proceed with it.

Lesnar winning the title will give a new start to SmackDown, and give it a "legit sports feel, which is one of the reasons why The Beast Incarnate has returned to the show as per Wrestling Observer Newsletter. But the real question is, do the fans want to see this?

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Modified Dec 21, 2019
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