38-year-old star to leave after big loss, three world title changes: 5 Bold predictions for WWE in the Summer of 2024

SummerSlam 2024 could be huge. (Image credits: WWE.com)
SummerSlam 2024 could be huge. (Image credits: WWE.com)

WWE cooled off a bit following WrestleMania 40, as is expected every year after The Show of Shows. However, the product has still been pretty solid. Things are heating up and this summer promises to be an exciting one.

With Clash at the Castle and Money in the Bank both events taking place in the coming five weeks, WWE will likely spoil fans with surprises galore. That could mean title changes, career-defining moments, and some huge matches. We also have the potential return of Roman Reigns for SummerSlam!

So, with that in mind, here are five bold predictions for the next two months of WWE programming, up until The Biggest Party of the Summer.

#5. Dominik Mysterio chooses Liv Morgan over Rhea Ripley

Dominik Mysterio has found himself in a love triangle of sorts, with Liv Morgan pursuing him. The Women's World Champion kissed Dirty Dom last week and was looking to seduce him in Rhea Ripley's absence. His true feelings aren't known, and we may have to wait until Mami returns.

She will reportedly be ready in time for SummerSlam, which could lead to a huge title match against Morgan. That's where Dominik will likely make his decision and ultimately betray Ripley to side with his new "Mami." But why would he do that?

Rhea Ripley manipulated Dominik Mysterio into joining The Judgment Day by repeatedly beating him up. That may be something Liv Morgan has already told him while showing "love" and "care," like when she stopped Dirty Dom from getting attacked by Braun Strowman. He may eventually fall for Morgan and leave Ripley behind.

#4. The World Heavyweight Title changes hands thrice

WWE has a tough decision to make next Saturday, at Clash at the Castle. Drew McIntyre will challenge Damian Priest for the World Heavyweight Championship in his homeland. The Scotsman must win and finally have the moment he missed four years ago, but will he?

McIntyre will likely face CM Punk at SummerSlam, while Gunther is set to challenge for the world title. This is the issue, right here, with WWE potentially being forced to book multiple world title changes on the road to SummerSlam. Damian Priest could instead keep the belt until August, before dropping it to The Ring General.

However, Drew McIntyre winning the World Heavyweight Championship in Glasgow is too huge a moment to pass on. It will likely happen, with Punk costing him the title in a rematch against Priest at Money in the Bank. Gunther can then dethrone him at SummerSlam, making it three title changes in less than two months.

#3. It's Tiffy Time at Money in the Bank

Image credits: WWE.com
Image credits: WWE.com

WWE needs to make an investment in this year's Miss Money in the Bank. Only one woman in history has held the briefcase for longer than five weeks; the very first winner, Carmella. That's why there has to be a plan and a worthy holder of the Money in the Bank contract.

Tiffany Stratton might be the perfect choice, as she has been on the rise over the past few months. The former NXT Women's Champion is a compelling heel and could do well with the briefcase as an accessory. With WWE high on Stratton, this seems like a real possibility.

#2. Jey Uso quits WWE RAW after The Bloodline costs him at Money in the Bank

While Tiffany Stratton might be the best choice to win the women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match, there isn't a clear favorite on the men's side. Jey Uso has declared his intention of winning the contract, but WWE may have other plans for him.

A backstage confrontation at Money in the Bank could lead to Solo Sikoa attacking Main Event Jey during the ladder match. Tama Tonga and Tonga Loa can get involved too. This would prompt Uso to quit RAW and return to SmackDown, so he can finally stand up to his power-hungry brother after a year of distancing himself from his family.

A feud between Jey Uso and Solo Sikoa seems inevitable, with this a solid pathway to their first match. The brothers can face each other at SummerSlam under Bloodline Rules. But, if The YEET Master is facing Solo, what will Roman Reigns do when he returns?

#1. Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes III: Hell in a Cell

Image credits: WWE.com
Image credits: WWE.com

The Tribal Chief is currently enjoying a well-deserved break from WWE. However, once Roman Reigns returns, he will be coming back for everything. While he could confront Solo Sikoa about the new Bloodline, The Tribal Chief may want to reclaim the title he lost at WrestleMania 40. The key to becoming The Head of the Table.

Reigns may challenge Cody Rhodes to one final match for the Undisputed WWE Championship, inside Hell in a Cell. This would ensure zero interference from The Bloodline or anyone else, essentially planting the seeds for the Samoan star's babyface turn.

Not only would this be a huge way for Roman Reigns to return, but it would also raise SummerSlam's value as a WrestleMania-equivalent show. WWE needs to ensure that happens, through the end of the trilogy between Reigns and Rhodes.

After The American Nightmare wins, Solo Sikoa can then attack his cousin on the following SmackDown and kick him out of The Bloodline. This would officially kick off the next big chapter in Roman Reigns' illustrious story, as he re-forms the original trio as a babyface.