5 directions for Solo Sikoa if The Bloodline ever breaks up

The Bloodline
The Bloodline's Solo Sikoa and Roman Reigns

Solo Sikoa got a significant career push after his main roster call-up. Things even stepped up a notch after he became a member of the Roman Reigns-led faction, The Bloodline.

However, things have got rather shaky within the heel collective after what transpired at this year’s Royal Rumble. Jey Uso has pretty much left the group, while Jimmy could already be having second thoughts after his recent encounter with Sami Zayn.

Now that the formidable team is seemingly on the verge of collapse, what’s next for each member of The Bloodline, especially Solo Sikoa if it were to happen? Here are some plausible avenues for Solo Sikoa to pursue should this come to pass.

#5. Solo Sikoa could pursue a singles run and continue being a heel…

A possible direction that Solo Sikoa could take after The Bloodline storyline is to pursue a singles run and continue his villainous ways.

Sikoa may not be much of a talker, but he compensates for that with his intensity inside the ring. He’s currently doing awesome work as a heel and as The Bloodline’s Enforcer where he is constantly being tapped by Roman Reigns to get things done.

Provided that the aforementioned scenario does happen to The Bloodline, Sikoa could still be a menacing presence within the main roster as a solo (no pun intended) performer.

#4. …Or he could turn babyface

Leaving behind his evil ways and turning into one of WWE’s good guys can be a breath of fresh air for Solo Sikoa and for the fans.

The last time Sikoa was seen as a babyface was back when he was still in NXT. He even had some mic time while cutting promos during his white-and-gold brand days. It would be interesting to see him forming alliances with other faces within the main roster if such a switch takes place.

#3. Team up with brother Jimmy


Jey Uso may well seem to have already made his decision on his ties with The Bloodline. Jimmy could be at a crossroads as he is torn between his brother and Roman Reigns.

In line with this, during the February 24 episode of SmackDown, fans witnessed how Jey looked on while Sami Zayn retaliated against Jimmy by giving the latter a cracking Helluva Kick. It looks like it’s not just The Bloodline that is crumbling.

This is when Solo Sikoa enters the picture. He could team up with brother Jimmy in the event that both their faction and his brothers’ tag team breaks up.

#2. Compete for WWE’s United States or Intercontinental Championships

WWE Superstars Gunther and Austin Theory are the reigning Intercontinental and United States Champions, respectively. The two will certainly be put on notice if Solo Sikoa sets his sights on either of the aforementioned titles.

He may issue a challenge to either one of them whether he’s in or out of The Bloodline. Gunther will definitely have a worthy challenger in Sikoa since both mean business whenever they’re inside the ring. Theory’s US Title reign could be in serious trouble considering Sikoa’s ferocity.

#1. Challenge Roman Reigns for either the WWE or Universal Championship

This may be a bit far-fetched, but anything can happen in WWE. Solo Sikoa could also be eyeing the promotion’s top belts currently being held by his Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns.

Every WWE Superstar who has stepped foot inside the squared circle has dreamed of one day becoming a world champion and Sikoa has likely dreamt of that too. Over the years, there have been numerous instances of duos and teams turning on each other and trying to take the title from the other.

It can be recalled that prior to joining The Bloodline, Jey Uso was once pitted against Reigns for the Universal Championship and history just might repeat itself.

Sikoa could just be waiting for the perfect moment to turn on his Tribal Chief and challenge him for the title. The current Undisputed WWE Universal Champion has defeated every worthy opponent who has challenged him for the belts. With that in mind, there’s no one left to challenge him but his own Bloodline family.

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