5 biggest dream matches for CM Punk if he returns to WWE

CM Punk might be returning to the ring.
CM Punk might be returning to the ring.
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Ever since he departed from WWE in 2014, CM Punk has always been linked with a possible return to the ring.

Through his time in UFC and various movie roles, Punk will always remain most associated with wrestling. Much talk regarding his comeback has been wishful thinking, but it may be more of a reality now.

Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp has reported that CM Punk has had talks over an in-ring return. AEW seems to be the likelier destination for the self-proclaimed 'Best in the World,' but one can never rule WWE out from a situation like this.

If Punk does return to "McMahonland," it would be absolutely massive for the company. WWE has a lot of momentum following the return of live crowds, while this can deliver an even bigger buzz.

With an insanely talented roster, CM Punk has several WWE Superstars who can be great opponents for him. Whether from a stylistic or storytelling standpoint, the following five names may be the best of the lot. These are the biggest dream matches Punk may have if he returns to WWE.

Who would you like to see CM Punk face if he returns to WWE? Let us know in the comments below.

#5 CM Punk vs. Triple H

The most obvious match CM Punk could have in WWE is the one that made him leave in 2014. The bad blood he and Triple H have shared since then would make for fascinating television.

Punk has mentioned that he isn't interested in a match with Triple H, but the layers to the story make it a 'must book' affair, should the former WWE Champion return to the company. The Game has not wrestled in over two years, so it might take something huge for him to return to the ring.

This could even be Triple H's retirement match, where he finally puts CM Punk over. He should have done so at Night of Champions 2011, instead of during a proposed rematch at WrestleMania 30.

The leader of NXT is the perfect representation of the McMahon family for a feud with Punk because that is exactly the direction WWE might go if he returns. Other matches against fresher talent may sound more appealing to the Straight Edge Superstar, but this would help him come full circle.

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