Clash of the Titans, a new addition to the throne? - 5 potential directions for Braun Strowman following WWE return

The Monster Among Men is returning!
The Monster Among Men is returning!

Reports regarding Braun Strowman’s imminent WWE return have fans at the edge of their seats. He is expected to be back on RAW following the Clash at the Castle Premium Live Event in Cardiff.

The Monster Among Men was released in June 2021 due to budget cuts. WWE fizzled the former Universal Champion’s push and his career became lackluster.

Fortunately, with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in charge, the superstar could soon find himself fighting his way to the top of the main roster. He may even “control his narrative” after WWE allows him to go berzerk with his creative control.

In this list, we will look at five directions for Braun Strowman following his WWE return.

#5. Bulldoze his way to the gold

The new faces of destruction
The new faces of destruction

Karrion Kross is undoubtedly hounding the WWE world titles. The Herald of Doomsday has bashed Drew McIntyre and even had a face-off with The Bloodline. Yet, Braun Strowman could derail him from his path and look forward to grab the title contender spot for himself.

A similar case is with Dexter Lumis, who seems to be picking off challengers for the United States Championship. “The Stimulus” could have a heated rivalry with Braun Strowman over who gets to be against Bobby Lashley.

In doing so, The Monster Among Men would help the newcomers on the main roster adjust to long rivalries and difficult fights.

#4. Open Challenge on RAW

The best way for Braun Strowman to impact the main roster again is by racking up wins. With that being said, the best option to feed the Monster Among Men is through Open Challenges. Multiple squash matches would help him in the long run.

This way, WWE won't have to develop any storylines for the returning superstar. They could immediately be set to work on pushing Strowman while carefully brewing future rivalries. Prior to any title contender matches, the former Universal Champion could have fights with Omos and Veer Mahan.

It's highly possible that Braun Strowman would be introduced as a babyface. In order to connect with the audience, he needs to show his dominance by destroying anyone who dares to accept his challenges.

#3. Hunt for the United States Championship

Rivalry reworked?
Rivalry reworked?

Bobby Lashley has laid waste to AJ Styles and Theory multiple times in his title run. While Mr Money in the Bank doesn’t seem like a capable antagonist to Lashley, The Phenomenal One is now busy with the Miz and Dexter Lumis.

WWE desperately needs new rivals for the United States Championship if they want the gold to be defended regularly on RAW. Their solution could be the returning Braun Strowman, who will be a worthy challenger. He matches the strength and size of The All Mighty. As a title contender, Strowman’s feud with Lashley would do wonders for his push to the top.

It's not like the two powerhouses haven’t met before. They have faced each other countless times, most recently being at WrestleMania Backlash 2021. With a significant push backing him up, Braun Strowman could end Bobby Lashley's winning streak against him.

#2. Braun Strowman forms a faction with Tyson Fury


Reportedly set to return at Clash at the Castle, Tyson Fury’s debut match in WWE was against Braun Strowman. He clinched a Countout victory at Crown Jewel 2019 before shaking hands with his rival on SmackDown.

The two giants tag-teamed to crush Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. Fans were excited about the future of the pair, but it turned out to be momentary. Now that The Gypsy King has retired from boxing for the second time, they could reunite and pick things up from where they left.

Fury and Strowman may form their own stable on RAW. They looked formidable together and could continue their dominance by overthrowing The Judgment Day as the best faction. The Alpha Academy could also be incorporated into the new faction as they haven't had much going for themselves recently.

#1. Feud with the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion

A challenger to the Clash at the Castle champion?
A challenger to the Clash at the Castle champion?

Clash at the Castle will feature Roman Reigns defending his WWE title against Drew McIntyre. Regardless of the outcome, Braun Strowman could confront the champion on RAW amidst a raucous Kansas crowd.

The Monster Among men wouldn’t have forgotten how Roman Reigns defeated him at Payback 2020. Whether The Tribal Chief retains his championship, Strowman could unveil himself as the next abominable threat. He could have his own payback by pulverizing Roman Reigns and The Usos single-handedly.

As aforementioned, he could have a brief feud with Karrion Kross. WWE may even add Kross to the struggle for the WWE Title along with Braun Strowman. Meanwhile, Drew McIntyre could boot his way to make it a Fatal-4 rivalry, adding a lot of hype to Extreme Rules.

Do you want think Braun Strowman will return back to WWE? Give your thoughts in the comments section below.

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