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5 matches that took place in both WWE and WCW

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Vince and Bischoff
Vince and Bischoff

It has been almost two decades since WCW went out of business and was bought off by Vince McMahon. The end of WCW also marked the end of possibly the greatest era in the history of professional wrestling. The Attitude Era saw WWE and WCW battle in a weekly rating war, with WCW once managing to defeat WWE for 83 straight weeks.

One thing that was a constant at the time was WWE Superstars jumping ship to WCW to revive their careers or start from scratch, and vice versa. This resulted in several instances where we got to witness a certain battle on both brands.

In this article, we will take a look at five matches from the past that took place in WWE as well as in WCW.

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#5 Booker T vs Finlay

Booker T vs Finlay
Booker T vs Finlay

Finlay competed in WCW for the entirety of the latter half of the 90s. In 1998, he was given a push, resulting in him winning the WCW World TV title by pinning Booker T on an episode of Nitro. Soon after, Finlay lost the title to Booker at Bash at the Beach, following which the rivalry died down.

Years later, Booker T won the King of the Ring tournament in WWE and began calling himself 'King Booker'. Finlay, along with William Regal, became Booker's loyal subject. He was knighted by Booker and used the moniker of Sir Finlay for a short while. Finlay soon set his eyes on Booker's World title. He went on to defeat the champion in a non-title match on an episode of SmackDown. At No Mercy, Finlay failed to capture the World title from Booker in a Fatal Four-Way Match, that also featured Batista and Bobby Lashley.

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