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10 gimmick changes that saved Superstars' careers: Part 2

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Austin's legendary transformation
Austin's legendary transformation

Previously, we looked into some of the most iconic gimmick changes in the history of this business.

We looked at how an extremely annoying Rocky Maivia became a god on the mic, a bland overweight Husky Harris turned into one of the most intriguing characters of all time, and Mean Mark ended up becoming a living legend.

With the annals of wrestling history being chock full of legendary gimmick changes, one list wasn't enough to cover the cream of the crop. So here's another list of 5 gimmick changes that practically saved Superstars' careers.

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#5 Jamal becomes Umaga

Rosey and Jamal
Rosey and Jamal

The Ruthless Aggression Era brought with it a string of young newcomers, who were all set to become future Hall of Famers. The likes of Cena, Orton and Batista managed to do the same, but not everyone ended up fulfilling their destiny.

Jamal came in as a part of a tag team with Rosey. The duo had an impressive run on Raw for a while, but couldn't break out of the division.

Years later, Jamal came back to WWE as Umaga, a Samoan monster who was unable to speak, but was lethal inside the squared circle. he came in after WrestleMania 22 and attacked Ric Flair on Raw.


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By the time WrestleMania 23 rolled around, Umaga was featured in a high profile match with Bobby Lashley, dubbed as the Battle of the Billionaires, pitting Vince McMahon and Donald Trump against each other. With Austin as referee, this match was a major reason why WrestleMania 23 created a buy-rate record, which remained unbroken for 5 years.

Umaga is no more today, but the incredible career he had during his 2nd run is bound to earn him a Hall of Fame ring someday.

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