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5 Biggest opponents for Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch

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The battle to determine the ultimate power couple.
The battle to determine the ultimate power couple.

It has been a long while since Becky Lynch made her relationship with Seth Rollins official during her Twitter feud with the Copelands. Soon after, Rollins posted an intimate photo of the two Superstars together, and social media blew up!

WWE went on to heavily acknowledge the relationship and Becky was seen confronting Rollins after a recent edition of Raw went off the air. A backstage clip from WrestleMania 35 surfaced online, showing Rollins in tears after Becky won the main event.

At Stomping Grounds, Becky Lynch came out during the closing moments of the main event, and helped Rollins fend off the crooked referee, Lacey Evans, and retain his Universal Title against Baron Corbin. The two tandems will face off at Extreme Rules for both Seth and Becky's Titles.

Let's assume here that Rollins and Becky retain the belts. What's next? It's almost a guarantee that we'll be seeing the couple together on WWE TV for a long time to come. Here are 5 potential opponents for the power couple of WWE.

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#5. R-Truth and Carmella

Truth and Carmella
Truth and Carmella

Truth recently beat Seth, Becky, and Kofi to win a WWE poll to determine WWE Universe's favorite Champion. This could act as the flame to ignite a short-lived feud between Rollins-Lynch and Truth-Carmella.

This babyface rivalry could accomplish one thing: despite the champions coming out on top in the end, the match would give a clear idea of where Truth stands in the eyes of the WWE Universe when he is pitted against two of the most beloved babyfaces in WWE.

Truth's social media following has surged over the past few weeks, but will he get the same kind of reaction during a face-off with Rollins? If he does, it is bound to do wonders for Truth's career going forward, with a potential move to SmackDown Live in the near future and a short-lived WWE Title run, as discussed in vivid detail in one of our previous articles.

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