5 reasons why Roman Reigns plans to transition out of WWE in 2 years

On borrowed time?
On borrowed time?
Rohit Nath

We as WWE fans often tend to take superstars for granted. This was something we've learnt time and again and as the saying goes: "absence makes the heart grow fonder". In the case of Roman Reigns, it was a lesson harshly learnt around late October 2018, as he shockingly announced that he was battling leukemia.

The general expectation was that he would be out until early 2020 at the least, but to everyone's surprise, he returned by late February 2019 and returned to in-ring action in early March.

He's been on a roll since then, but a recent interview with The Sportster made Reigns indirectly reveal that he's wrestling on borrowed time. He openly admitted potentially transitioning out of WWE in two years, stating:

How I feel physically, where my health is, I want to take advantage of the next couple of years and just really maximize my WWE career and give back to the company, to the guys in that locker room as much as possible.

It's very clear that Roman Reigns is on borrowed time and he knows it. But why does Roman Reigns only have two years left in WWE? Here are a few reasons why.

#5. Doesn't want to tarnish his legacy in WWE

Roman Reigns was joyful as he announced he was in remission
Roman Reigns was joyful as he announced he was in remission

Roman Reigns has really achieved a lot in WWE. If he does retire in two years, that will mean that he would have enjoyed atleast 5-6 years or so on the top of WWE. Being proud of his legacy and extending that of the Samoan family line in WWE, Reigns knows that he has created a legacy for himself.

Perhaps he feels that if he does continue wrestling after two years, his legacy will tarnish as he goes through a physical decline.

#4. His health

Roman Reigns has fought through hell and back
Roman Reigns has fought through hell and back

Roman Reigns announced in late October last year that he was battling leukemia. It came as a shock to everybody and as mentioned earlier, the general consensus was that Reigns would mostly return to the ring around January 2020.

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WWE perhaps assumed the same and came up with a plan to keep going without him despite Reigns being a very integral figure to WWE programming. Unfortunately, due to the nature of leukemia, Reigns knows that there's a very high chance of a relapse and his health going down the drain.

Out of pure respect for his physical well-being, he likely knows that it's going to be difficult to push past two years on the road and in the ring. That's why he most likely feels that for his health, a two-year period in WWE to do all he can would be good.

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#3. Wants to make as much money as he can in the limited window he has

Family first
Family first

Nobody can blame Roman Reigns if he simply wants to make as much money as he can in this two-year window that he supposedly has left in WWE. For many superstars, such as AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura, for example, WWE has essentially been their "retirement fund".

AJ Styles has obviously had success but he's been open about the fact that his main intention was to make as much money as he can and call it a day. Nobody can blame them for wanting to do this and although Reigns has been clear that his objective in WWE isn't about the money, it's only natural to think of one's family and the long-term effects.

Given that Reigns is among the five highest paid wrestlers in WWE, it would make sense for him to try to make as much as he can in the limited window he has.

#2. Hollywood career

Is Hollywood in Roman Reigns' future
Is Hollywood in Roman Reigns' future

One of the other important aspects of this particular interview with The Sportster is that Roman Reigns openly admitted his willingness to work on more Hollywood projects.

He got a taste of Hollywood when he worked with The Rock in the Fast & Furious spin-off Hobbs & Shaw. Reigns certainly has a good look for Hollywood and would succeed.

"I definitely see more projects and films in the future, for sure. But I think, where I'm at now, they will come a little more sparingly

He said that at the moment, he's willing to take side projects as they come. He knows that he has a future in Hollywood and that's where he wants to go next once he reaches a physical decline and can't go in the ring anymore. Hollywood would certainly be an interesting prospect and he would be following The Rock and John Cena down that same path.

#1. He probably feels he'll achieve everything he needs to in WWE by then

The journey isn't over...yet
The journey isn't over...yet

Roman Reigns admitted that his return to WWE had nothing to do with championships and glory. It's all about adding to his legacy, his family's legacy and inspiring people all over the world.

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He stated to The Sportster that he wants to continue telling the story his family has told for decades and that once he achieves adding a few more layers to their legacy and foundation, he'll get the closure he needs before moving on:

"Right now, I'm so fully engulfed in wrestling and continuing to tell the story my family has told for decades now, I want to put a few more layers on the foundation that we have, as far as our history and our legacy."

He has won almost all the accolades there is to win and already has a Hall of Fame-worthy career. He likely feels that two years will be enough for him to contribute as much as he can to the Samoan legacy.

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