5 reasons why Xavier Woods should win King of the Ring 2021

Xavier Woods should be crowned the King of the Ring
Xavier Woods should be crowned the King of the Ring

In emphatic fashion, Xavier Woods took a step towards realizing his dream of winning the King of The Ring tournament on Monday Night RAW.

The New Day member was in a riveting contest with Ricochet. Despite giving it his all, Ricochet succumbed to Xavier Woods' top rope elbow drop as the latter marched to the the next round.

With his magnificent mane in tact, @AustinCreedWins defeats @KingRicochet to advance in the #KingOfTheRing Tournament! 👑 #WWERaw

Woods is now just two matches away from winning the prestigious crown. He will face Jinder Mahal in the semi-final next week on RAW, after the Modern Day Maharaja overcame Kofi Kingston, in the other knock-out match of the night.

Let's discuss five reasons why Xavier Woods should win the King of the Ring tournament 2021.

#5 Xavier Woods will finally realize his unfulfilled dream

This is what I’ve always wanted. It’s part of the prophecy. PUT ME IN THE TOURNAMENT AND CROWN ME!Xavier Woods #KingOfTheRing#Kotr…

Since signing with WWE in 2010, Woods has been chasing the one title which means the most to him: the King of the Ring.

When the 2021 tournament was announced on SmackDown, Woods tweeted (as can be seen above) that this was what he always wanted. He called it part of his prophecy and was vocal about wanting to be crowned King.

If Woods is successful in winning the tournament at Crown Jewel, it will be a dream realized and will make him a force to be reckoned with in WWE. But it won't be easy for The New Day Member, as he still has to go through Jinder Mahal and either Finn Balor or Sami Zayn to make the crown his own.

#4 It will cement Xavier Woods' stature as a singles competitor

Since becoming a part of The New Day in 2014, Xavier Woods has mostly been involved in tag-team bouts. But the confidence the former Tag Team Champion will garner as a singles competitor if he wins the 2021 King of the Ring will be second to none.

Woods is now part of the SmackDown roster with his partner Kofi Kingston after the WWE Draft. He could look to build on this confidence and compete in more singles matches to cement his stature as a successful singles star. The SmackDown roster will be on notice when the new king looks for fresh challenges.

#3 Xavier Woods can challenge for another prestigious title as King


The New Day member has never won any title as a singles competitor. As King, he could change that.

Woods could challenge former King and reigning champion Shinuske Nakamura for the Intercontinental Championship. If he succeeds in dethroning Nakamura, he will follow in his predecessor's footsteps by being King as well as the Intercontinental Champion.

#2 Xavier Woods could turn on New Day as the mighty King


In an interesting turn of events, Xavier Woods could feud with his New Day partner Kofi Kingston after winning the crown.

The storyline stems from Woods being in the shadow of his New Day brothers for far too long. Now, as King, he might try and break free and attack Kingston, turning heel in the process.

The contest between these partners will certainly be a riveting one for the WWE Universe.

#1 Xavier Woods could enter the Universal Championship picture


Winning the King of the Ring has always been a stepping stone for WWE Superstars to announce themselves as main-eventers.

As the new King, Woods would want to capitalize on this opportunity by challenging for the Universal Championship. The reigning champion, Roman Reigns, is currently in a feud with Brock Lesnar with their showdown set for Crown Jewel.

Irrespective of who wins at the pay-per-view, Woods would definitely fancy a match against the Champion. This will be his attempt to distinguish himself as the one and only King and top champion of the blue brand.

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