5 signs Roman Reigns will kick Jey Uso out of The Bloodline on WWE SmackDown

Is Jey Uso about to get banished from The Bloodline?
Jey Uso's fate in The Bloodline hangs in the balance

There’s no denying that Roman Reigns, Jey Uso, and the rest of The Bloodline are the hottest narrative in pro-wrestling at the moment. Fans, meanwhile, are musing over what will happen next with this formidable faction. However, the once hairline cracks within the team have become wider and folks now have an idea about who among the group is likely to get the boot.

With the way things are going, including the hints and the most recent match, it may well seem that Jey Uso could be on his way out of The Bloodline. Here are five signs that such a scenario could unfold soon on SmackDown.

#5 Losing the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship


On Night 1 of WrestleMania 39, Jimmy and Jey Uso defended their Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. The brothers lost the titles, which greatly disappointed their Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns.

For Reigns, losing is not an option. This has been evident with every title defense that he has put up. The Usos' loss of gold has certainly landed them in hot water, not to mention Reigns losing confidence in them.

#4 Jimmy and Jey Uso’s failed attempt in regaining the tag titles

After losing the titles, both Jimmy and Jey Uso jumped at every opportunity they could get to regain the belts. However, they always came up short.

Case in point was during the April 28 episode of SmackDown during the first half of the WWE Draft. Before the bout even began, the brothers dedicated the match and the 'win' to Roman Reigns. Despite their every effort, they failed to recapture the tag team championship from Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

#3 Roman Reigns, Solo Sikoa, and Paul Heyman getting drafted first


It was also during the aforementioned episode of SmackDown that Triple H announced that three members of The Bloodline – Paul Heyman, Solo Sikoa, and its Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns – would be designated to the promotion’s Blue Brand. As for Jimmy and Jey Uso, they got drafted only on night two, also to SmackDown.

Fans have already sensed that there is uncertainty in terms of the brothers’ fate within The Bloodline. Jimmy and Jey must have felt it too when they revealed during their promo that The Head of the Table doesn’t even talk to them. Such cold treatment is telling.

#2 Roman Reigns’ Enforcer itching to land a Samoan Spike on Jey Uso


Solo Sikoa, Roman Reigns’ Enforcer in The Bloodline, has been keeping an eye on Jey Uso for quite a while now. He may have noticed Main Event Jey’s defiant nature even when the faction was still tight.

Remember during Sami Zayn’s trial when he stopped Solo Sikoa from delivering a Samoan Spike to the former Honorary Uce? This is may have been one of the reasons The Enforcer was put on notice.

The tension between the two Bloodline members was very evident during their match against Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Matt Riddle at Backlash 2023. There was even a moment during the match when Sikoa mistook Jey for one of the opponents and almost landed a Samoan Spike on him. However, even after winning the match, Sikoa looked like he still badly wanted to deliver some type of punishment to Jey.

#1 The Bloodline could be looking to bring in new blood

Zilla Fatu, son of the late WWE Superstar Umaga, recently spoke with Chris Ortiz on The Be Someone Podcast and expressed his interest in joining Roman Reigns’ Bloodline. He may have also revealed what WWE could be planning for The Rock’s daughter, Ava Raine.

Raine is part of WWE’s NXT brand and is a member of the faction known as The Schism alongside fellow superstars Joe Gacy, Jagger Reid, and Rip Fowler. As for Zilla, he is at the moment training to be a pro wrestler just like his superstar cousins.

These plans may still be far from actually being put into place, but who knows what might happen next? Especially now that time seems to be running out for Jey Uso, and perhaps for Jimmy, too.

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