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5 Wrestlers WWE almost fired and 5 they almost hired

Becky Lynch and John Cena are some of the Superstars that almost got fired
Becky Lynch and John Cena are some of the Superstars that almost got fired
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Modified 21 Nov 2020, 12:54 IST
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WWE boasts a large pool of talented wrestlers from all across the globe. Even though the roster is overpouring with stars, the company still scoops out top athletes who are making a buzz in the independent scene. If they manage to impress the higher-ups, they get offered a contract to sign with the company.

Competing in WWE is a huge dream for many wrestlers, so many of them immediately jump at the opportunity of working for the company. Others, however, came close to getting hired by WWE only for things to take a different turn. While WWE looks to hire wrestlers that they can turn into polarizing stars, the company also comes to a point where they have to fire a few Superstars.

Some of these stars came close to being cut, but they were fortunately spared by the powers that be with the help of an influential person. Let's take a look at the five wrestlers WWE almost fired and five they almost hired.

#10 WWE almost fired: Titus O'Neil

Although Titus O'Neil isn't an established main eventer in WWE, he is still an influential person in and outside the ring. He is a WWE ambassador and influencer who has won awards for his contribution and community work.

One would think that WWE would be appreciative of the amazing work he does for the company, but in 2016, Titus O'Neil almost lost his job simply because he grabbed Vince McMahon's arm while the Chairman was exiting the stage during Daniel Bryan's retirement ceremony on Monday Night RAW.

Thanks to Triple H, Vince McMahon was talked against firing Titus O'Neil. Instead, he suspended the latter for 90 days, which was shortened to 60. According to O'Neil, he was just trying to allow Stephanie McMahon to pass first, so he simply grabbed Vince McMahon's arm to move him out of the way. On the Chasing Glory with Lillian Garcia podcast Titus O'Neil stated:

"It's water under the bridge. Really. It happened and I took ownership of it. Regardless of if I was right, wrong, or indifferent or if the situation could've been handled differently. It happened. I served my suspension and it's over with." 

#9 WWE almost hired: Moose

Moose originally began his career in the NFL before pursuing a career in professional wrestling. He made his debut for Ring of Honor in 2014 and competed there until his departure in 2016 with reports linking him to both WWE and TNA. He went on to sign with IMPACT Wrestling after WWE reportedly backed off due to a 2009 domestic violence allegation.

When another opportunity to sign with the company was available in 2018, Moose remained in IMPACT instead. He revealed:

"They [WWE] were interested and I almost did sign there... and, at the end of the day, I took the best situation that was best for me. Not saying that I don't ever want to work there because at some point I do - everybody's dream at some point was to work for WWE - but as of right now I'm happy with Impact and I want to build my reputation and build my brand here."

In IMPACT Wrestling, Moose grew into a main event star and he refers to himself as the 'real world champion.'

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Published 21 Nov 2020, 12:54 IST
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