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5 WWE matches with surprising winners that no one saw coming

"The Streak... is over!"
Akash Roy
Modified 04 Apr 2021
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Every so often, WWE manages to surprise its viewers by booking a match with an astonishing outcome. The dedicated fans think that they can predict a lot of the results. But in wrestling, there are times when even the most ardent of fans couldn't comprehend what was in store for them. Such events manage to catch the spectators off-guard with a shock.

So let's take you on a trip down memory lane to five matches in WWE with unexpected winners that no one saw coming.

#5 Owen Hart vs. Bret Hart at WWE WrestleMania X

Bret Hart and Owen Hart
Bret Hart and Owen Hart

In November 1993, Bret, Owen, Keith, and Bruce Hart went against Shawn Michaels' team in WWE's traditional Survivor Series elimination tag match. During the contest, the Hart brothers displayed their wrestling fundamentals and dominated via superior technical prowess. However, in that match, only Owen Hart among the Hart brothers eliminated by Shawn Michaels, for which Owen blamed his elder brother Bret.

Out of spite, Owen officially turned on Bret by ambushing him at the 1994 Royal Rumble. To make matters worse between the two, Bret survived and managed to co-win the Royal Rumble match. This instance made Owen feel inferior and resent his brother even more.

The feud turned personal when Owen delivered some of the best promos of his career against his kin. Owen kept on pushing Bret to accept the match in that year's WrestleMania. Bret did not agree to face Owen as he and Lex Luger were both scheduled to challenge the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Yokozuna.

Bret finally accepted the challenge to face Owen in a ring at Wrestlemania X as opponents for the first time. The brothers went at a punctilious exchange of technicality. In the end, after 20 minutes of back and forth, Owen got one over Bret by a roll-up pin combination. It shocked the fans in the arena because no one expected the little brother to outwrestle the big brother.


Furthermore, adding insult to injury, Owen Hart won clean against Bret Hart. The payoff to the feud was also beautifully executed as on the same night, Bret won the WWE Championship against Yokozuna. This invalidated Owen's pride, and he became infuriated with Bret's success that made him dive into the second phase of the "Hart vs. Hart" rivalry.

To this day, this match is considered to be WWE's best Wrestlemania opening match ever by a number of wrestling fans.

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Published 04 Apr 2021, 16:04 IST
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