5 WWE Superstars besides The Miz that Dexter Lumis might stalk

Dexter Lumis could potentially stalk other WWE Superstars besides The Miz
Dexter Lumis (L); Logan Paul (R)

Dexter Lumis has been making The Miz's life hell since he returned to WWE. The creepy yet entertaining star has stalked and attacked The Most Must-See WWE Superstar regularly for several months now.

The reasoning behind Dexter's obsession with The Miz hasn't yet been revealed. On the latest episode of Monday Night RAW, Johnny Gargano hinted that there is a reason for what Lumis is doing, even teasing to reveal it.

While fans eagerly wait to see what reason is revealed for Dexter's actions, some have wondered who might be Lumis' next victim. The former NXT star will inevitably target somebody new, eventually. Will it be a champion that he targets? Another cocky heel? Perhaps even a musician?

Below are five WWE Superstars besides The Miz that Dexter Lumis might stalk.

#5. Dexter Lumis has a history with Austin Theory

WHAT DID WE JUST WITNESS?!Thanks to @DexterLumis lurking around, things aren't going #TheWay @JohnnyGargano had hoped before his match against @KUSHIDA_0904 for the #WWENXT North American Title at #NXTTakeOver: Vengeance Day!

Austin Theory is a 25-year-old prodigy who began his wrestling career in 2016. He signed with WWE in 2019 and is a former United States Champion. He's also the current Mr. Money in the Bank.

A-Town's Finest may be the next target for Dexter Lumis. He is similar to The Miz in the sense of being a self-absorbed tool, which may be Dexter's type. Beyond that, Lumis and Theory have an extensive history together.

Mr. Money in the Bank Austin Theory was in NXT with Dexter. Before Lumis joined The Way, he targeted the group. He has kidnapped Theory in the past, and the two have even had two singles matches on NXT TV.

Ultimately, Theory lost both bouts. If Austin isn't moving back to NXT, he may be a victim of Dexter.

#4. Logan Paul is a social media megastar

Logan Paul
Logan Paul

Logan Paul is a megastar. He was on television and took over the internet long before his wrestling career began. He has amassed a significant following on YouTube and social media.

He signed with WWE earlier this year and made his in-ring debut at WrestleMania. He teamed up with The Miz to defeat The Mysterios. Paul's second bout occurred at SummerSlam when he defeated his former partner. His next match is set to take place at Crown Jewel, where he'll battle Roman Reigns.

The Maverick may be an odd choice for Dexter Lumis to pursue, but given his extreme popularity, it may be realistic. Plus, Logan Paul had a prior association with Dexter's current target, The Miz.

Whether he's compelled to stalk the overconfident Logan Paul due to his popularity or his former relationship with The Miz, Dexter may very well target Paul next.

#3. Dexter Lumis may pursue Elias if he's a music aficionado

Elias on RAW
Elias on RAW

Elias began wrestling back in 2008. He saw some success on the Northeastern independent scene but never quite took off past that region of the United States until after he joined World Wrestling Entertainment.

The Drifter signed with WWE in 2014. He started on the NXT brand but eventually moved to the main roster in 2017. The former WWE 24/7 Champion vanished from television but returned shortly after his 'brother' Ezekiel was forced to put his career on hold.

Elias' beautiful music can be heard once more now that he's back on WWE RAW. Fans might not be the only ones who enjoy his tunes, though. Dexter Lumis may be a fan of the arts. We already know he can draw exceptionally well. There's a chance Dexter is attracted to music. If so, Elias may be a target.

#2. Lumis may want the WWE United States Championship

Seth Rollins is a veteran of the pro wrestling industry. The 36-year-old began wrestling in 2005 and made a name for himself in Ring of Honor but also had a following when working for Wrestling Society X and IWA-MS. He signed with WWE in 2010.

The Drip God has amassed numerous championships dating back from his time with Florida Championship Wrestling, NXT and the main roster. In total, he's held fifteen titles in World Wrestling Entertainment alone, even more so if you include his time with the developmental territory FCW.

Dexter Lumis targeting Seth Rollins would be logical for several reasons. Just as with The Miz, Seth is a self-absorbed loudmouth. His unique sense of style may have caught Lumis' eye. Most importantly, The Architect is the current United States Champion. Dexter has never held a title in WWE, which may change if he pursues Rollins.

#1. Baron Corbin may draw Lumis' attention

Baron Corbin and JBL
Baron Corbin and JBL

Baron Corbin signed with WWE in 2012 and was immediately assigned to NXT. He made a name for himself on the brand before being called to the main roster in 2016.

Since joining RAW and SmackDown, Corbin has captured the United States Championship, won the King of the Ring Tournament, and won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. He was recently traded from SmackDown to RAW, with John Bradshaw Layfield now serving as his manager.

Dexter Lumis may begin stalking Baron Corbin for several reasons. For one, his new bizarre association with JBL may have caught Dexter's eye. Another possible explanation is that Corbin joined RAW after spending time on SmackDown.

The new face on the brand Dexter is attempting to work on may intrigue him. Plus, who wouldn't want to see Lumis creep out JBL?

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