5 Superstars who were drafted very low in the WWE Draft 2020

Too low in the card?
Too low in the card?
Suhas Jirgi

The 2020 WWE Draft is all wrapped up and it lived up to the hype. With several Superstars changing brands, WWE has the opportunity for some exciting fresh feuds in the months to follow.

The two-day event saw 84 drafts which included Superstars and teams being chosen by RAW and SmackDown. RAW enjoyed three picks for every two picks of SmackDown. The roster was divided into two pools to distribute main-event wrestlers evenly on both days.

The WWE Draft is always a highly anticipated affair for multiple reasons. Not only does it freshen up WWE programming, but it also gives fans a peek into the company's mindset about a superstar.

A high pick indicates that the Superstar is viewed as a valuable asset and is slated for big things, whereas a low pick could spell trouble for a Superstar's future. Like in every draft, some superstars were drafted much higher or lower than was expected.

Speculations were rife as to what would be the pecking order following the draft. The top few picks of both nights were as expected with World titleholders being the main attraction. In the span of two days, however, some Superstars would have felt slighted. Despite being promising talents, they were featured as an afterthought and would rightly feel that they should have been picked earlier in the draft. Here is a look at a few such superstars:

#5 WWE Intercontinental Champion: Sami Zayn

A champion deserves more
A champion deserves more

Night Two - Pick #17 of 30

Sami Zayn returned from a five-month hiatus to reclaim his Intercontinental championship at last month's Clash Of Champions. Zayn overcame Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles (both of whom were drafted ahead of him) in a triple-threat ladder match to claim the gold.

What makes his pick shocking is the fact that he still holds the Intercontinental Championship. Being drafted below the likes of King Corbin and Elias tarnished the prestige of the Intercontinental Championship.

The only champion to be drafted below him was the 24/7 Champion, R-Truth. The RAW (now SmackDown) tag team champions, The Street Profits, were the last champions to be chosen before Sami Zayn. The Street Profits were picked #4 on night-two. The discrepancy is wide.

Sami Zayn is a highly-talented wrestler in the ring and his character skills are matched by few of his peers. With the WWE rosters being shuffled up, one hopes that he is not just a transitional champion and is allowed time to build himself and his championship back up.

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