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6 WWE stars Edge could face at WrestleMania if he returns for another match

  • Is another big-time spear on the way from WWE Legend Edge?
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Modified 21 Dec 2019, 00:56 IST

Is the Rated R Superstar going to have one more match?
Is the Rated R Superstar going to have one more match?

Former multi-time WWE Champion Edge got the wrestling world buzzing with his return to the ring at this year's SummerSlam. By spearing Elias during the troubadour's segment in the ring, the physicality offered the WWE Universe a glimmer of hope of seeing the Rated R Superstar in the ring once more.

Like Daniel Bryan and Paige, Edge had to prematurely retire due to a condition that would worsen had he continued to wrestle. Spinal Stenosis led to the abrupt retirement of Paige. It has also caused the career of Sheamus to be heavily scrutinized due it's level of seriousness.

But unlike Paige (and Edge thus far), Bryan was able to get medically cleared and make a return to action. Since returning to active competition, Bryan has won the WWE Championship while also becoming an integral part of SmackDown.

While Edge is 46 and his best days are in the past, he might have another match in the chamber, should he get medical clearance. He recently quit his podcast with Christian and said he'd be up for one more match if he could be cleared. Well, earlier in October, rumors surfaced that he had indeed been cleared. The WWE Hall-of-Famer denied those reports, but anything is possible.

If he does return to the ring, he could have a match with anyone, but the following six Superstars would make sense for Edge to face at the Show of Shows. And let's be real - if he's going to have 'one more match', it has to be at WrestleMania.

#6 Elias

Edge speared Elias at SummerSlam this past August.
Edge speared Elias at SummerSlam this past August.

The seeds of this match were already planted when Edge returned to a WWE ring with a bang. As is the usual ending with Elias segments, the Drifter's piece at SummerSlam 2019 ended with him lying on his back after suffering a spear from the Rated R Superstar. The Biggest Party of the Summer took place in Canada, Edge's home country, so it's no question that he would have received an enormous pop if he returned.

But since that was a one-off, should Edge get medically cleared, it would be an easy feud to write. Elias would be looking for some revenge on someone who interrupted his performances. He could call the Legend out for a match on the biggest stage, WrestleMania. Elias has already mixed it up with the likes of the Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin, so it wouldn't be hard to add Edge to the list.

Of course, Elias would probably lose to the returning Edge. The Drifter is someone that Creative might feel doesn't need a title or consistent wins in order to remain over with the crowd. It might be true, and it would give him a rub going forward.

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Published 05 Nov 2019, 09:42 IST
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