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7 things WWE subtly told us on SmackDown: Tag team reunites after 11 years, 5-time World Champion to have major character change soon? (10th January 2020)

Rohit Nath
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Published Jan 11, 2020
Jan 11, 2020 IST

A creepy segment and gift for Daniel Bryan
A creepy segment and gift for Daniel Bryan

The second episode of Friday Night SmackDown of 2020 is officially in the books. While it wasn't as good as last week, it was certainly an interesting episode and a happening one. We saw quite a bit of storyline and character progression - which is more than what we get normally.

There's no denying that the build to Royal Rumble has been extremely interesting and the rivalries have as well. While some have criticized the utilization of certain superstars, we must understand that WWE is now planting the seeds and setting things up for the road to WrestleMania. It's surreal to think that we're just over a couple of weeks removed from the road to WrestleMania beginning.

However, before we get to the Royal Rumble, let's stick to the latest episode of SmackDown and discuss the interesting things that WWE subtly told us.

#7 A tag team reunites after 11 years

John Morrison and The Miz
John Morrison and The Miz

John Morrison was the special guest on Miz TV that opened the show. It was clear from the start that Morrison wasn't going in the babyface direction. Throughout Miz TV, he defended The Miz and all his hard work and accomplishments in WWE (which he fully deserves to be credited for).

However, Kofi Kingston and Big E came out and it led to Kingston facing The Miz in a singles match, while Big E and Morrison were in the commentary booth. Unsurprisingly, Morrison had a role to play as he took out Big E when he was ringside, using his phenomenal athleticism.

It appears that The Miz and John Morrison are reuniting as a tag team. It's been 11 years since they were last a unit. Morrison will be making his in-ring return next week as he takes on Big E.

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