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Best and Worst of Survivor Series - 20th Nov, 2016

Goldberg squashes Brock Lesnar, alongside perhaps the best traditional Survivor Series match in history?

Top 5 / Top 10 21 Nov 2016, 10:06 IST
Goldberg reigned supreme upon his comeback

Generally, when a WWE pay per view follows any TakeOver, it pales in comparison. Despite how good TakeOver: Toronto was, Survivor Series lived up to the hype. Each match delivered in its own way, and while we do have some causes for complaint, overall it was a very enjoyable PPV.

While some results did shock the WWE universe, most of them made the fans very happy indeed. At the start, it must be said that Smackdown looked like the babyfaces in practically every match here, which is a testament to their booking. Now, let’s examine the specifics in every match, what worked and what didn’t.

#1 Worst: Injury and Botch

We hope it was all a work

While Roman Reigns delivering the spear in mid air was a thing of beauty, Shane Mcmahon looked like he was legitimately hurt during the encounter. We do hope that he is okay, and there hasn’t been serious damage done to the man.

It was the only thing that ruined an otherwise picture-perfect match for us. Especially considering, Shane McMahon, at his age, was pulling off moves that would certainly put some Cruiserweights to shame. 

What made this segment event more cringe worthy was the botch from the referee, who could not decided whether to attend to Shane McMahon or count the pinfall. After a moment of indecision, he announced that McMahon had been eliminated. A little more conviction could have saved this dreadful segment. These were the two black marks on an otherwise show stealing match.


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