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Clash of Champions 2019: 5 Reasons why Luke Harper returned to attack Roman Reigns 

Riju Dasgupta
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21.20K   //    16 Sep 2019, 09:11 IST

This was, by far, the biggest development from the show
This was, by far, the biggest development from the show

Roman Reigns vs. Rowan was very high up on the Clash of Champions card. It was the co-main event in a sense because the WWE Championship match went on before it.

This was certainly very odd as this was the only match on the show without a title on the line. But then, we realized why this was the case when Luke Harper returned out of nowhere to align himself with Erick Rowan and attack Roman Reigns.

So why did Luke Harper return and more specifically, why was he inserted into this storyline and not something else? I shall endeavor to answer this question through this very article.

I invite you all to leave a comment and let me know your thoughts in the section below...

#5 Scoring a clean victory over Reigns wouldn't have been wise

All said and done; even though he is not in the title picture, Roman Reigns is still very much the biggest star in WWE.

He is the locker room leader, and he's the man who is booked in feuds that can elevate talents and help them get over with the audience. In many ways, he's more important than the WWE Championship picture, if you consider the fact that his matches usually go on after the WWE Championship matches usually take place.

For Rowan, who's a very promising star but is nowhere near the level of Roman Reigns to beat him clean would have been absolutely unwise. Roman Reigns is protected for a reason and this is why every victory against him is meaningful. The fact that he lost owing to Harper's interference protects Reigns singificantly.

Working with Reigns will elevate Harper too. And truth be told, someone like Luke Harper certainly needs the rub.

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