"It was bad" - When Amy Schumer opened up about dating current WWE star

Hollywood star and stand-up comedian Amy Schumer
Hollywood star and stand-up comedian Amy Schumer

Over the past few years, a few former and current WWE Superstars have dated celebrities. Stacy Keibler, for example, had a romantic relationship with Hollywood megastar George Clooney before marrying her current husband, Jared Pobre. Meanwhile, Dolph Ziggler had a brief romance with Hollywood star & stand-up comedian Amy Schumer a few years ago.

During an interview with CONAN on TBS in 2013, the Hollywood actor opened up about dating The Showoff.

"I dated a wrestler for a little while last year. [Was he well-known?] I think, maybe. I don't know. When we dated and like I couldn't remember the names of the wrestlers, I'd be like did you beat Stillborn, like just guessing the names. I don't know, it wasn't my world," she said. [0:12 - 0:30]

The 41-year-old also disclosed why her relationship with the former World Heavyweight Champion ended.

"We were just very different sexually. Like he was very active in bed, you know, and like moving around, and my style, I like like laying there. He's in like such a good shape when you're naked with someone you want to be the one bringing the thunder, you know. I wanna be able to whisper things like 'you're welcome' or like 'you owe me for this' like that kind of... (...) I'm used to dating kind of chubby-ish comics, when they take their shirt off you're like, 'how are you not a woman?' Like that kind of a guy. I was out of my wheelhouse with this guy. It was bad. It was bad," she added. [0:34 - 1:37]

In addition to Schumer, Ziggler has dated a few other women over the past few years, including some of his WWE co-workers, such as Nikki Bella and Dana Brooke.


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Should Dolph Ziggler receive a push in WWE?

In 2004, Dolph Ziggler signed with the Stamford-based company. He has since held several championships, including the World Heavyweight Championship, the United States Championship, the Intercontinental Championship, and the Tag Team Titles.

However, The Showoff is not competing regularly on Monday Night RAW. After nearly two months of absence from the in-ring competition, Ziggler returned last Monday to the red brand only to lose to Solo Sikoa. Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show, the Olympic Gold Medalist urged WWE to give Ziggler a main event push.

"He was world champion at one particular time I do believe. They do push him at times and sometimes they don't. It seems to be inconsistent, but, he deserves to be consistently pushed. You know what? He's like the MVP of the company. You could put him anywhere you want him." [H/T Wrestling Inc]

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