John Cena may have just teased his WWE return to get involved in a major WrestleMania 40 feud; why it must happen

John Cena
John Cena's last WWE match was against Solo Sikoa.

John Cena hasn't been around WWE for quite a while now. He returned to Hollywood after the writers' strike ended and has been busy with his schedule. He even earned quite a few followers after portraying Ricky Stanicky in his latest movie.

Coming to his WWE audience, maybe it's time for The Champ to turn his focus on them for a while. It's already established that WrestleMania 40 is going to be the biggest in the event's history. It does feel incomplete without The Leader of the Cenation.

Fans may be in luck because John Cena took to his social media with a post about Jey Uso vs. Jimmy Uso at WrestleMania 40. His post read "yeet or be yeeted," and we know "yeet" is heavily associated with Main Event Jey. Since his post supports it, it's possible he's hinting towards his inclusion in Jey vs. Jimmy at The Show of Shows.

Why should John Cena become a part of Jey Uso vs. Jimmy Uso?

John Cena's return at WrestleMania 40 is going to add more star power to the event. The Rock will already be present, and it will turn out to be an excellent experience to have John Cena present, too. It'll work even better if The Champ and The People's Champ stand on opposing sides.

Next, Jimmy Uso will have Solo Sikoa in his corner during the match. To neutralize The Enforcer's looming threat, The Champ can be in Jey Uso's corner and ensure Sikoa doesn't interfere. It'll be the first time Cena and Sikoa will meet each other since The Enforcer defeated The Champ at Crown Jewel 2023. Cena can aim to take some form of revenge against Sikoa for squashing him in Saudi Arabia.


Finally, Cena will most likely not be a part of intense in-ring action. He wouldn't risk any injury, especially since it might be a one-time thing. Keeping that in mind, he can be inserted into the match as the referee or an outside enforcer. This way, he'll be able to make the most of his WrestleMania 40 appearance.

The 16-time champion has revealed whether he wants to be at WrestleMania 40

During the promotion of his newest movie, Ricky Stanicky, John Cena appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show, where the topic of WrestleMania 40 came up.

During the show, The Champ revealed that he would love to be a part of the event, but he hasn't been asked to be or received an invite yet. It's unknown if WWE has extended an invite to him since his appearance on the show. The WWE Universe definitely hopes to see him there!

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