Logan Paul: 5 Things you probably didn’t know about WWE’s newest signee

Logan Paul worked hard to get into WWE.
Logan Paul worked hard to get into WWE.
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At WrestleMania 38, Logan Paul made his in-ring debut for the company. He teamed up with The Miz to defeat Rey & Dominik Mysterio. After the match, The A-Lister attacked the YouTube sensation.

On the last day of June 2022, WWE announced that the YouTube sensation had signed a multi-year contract with the company. The contract terms and whether Logan will work on a part-time or full-time basis are not yet clear.

Logan Paul is a well-known YouTube and social media personality. He has a combined following of 33.6 million across social media platforms, including 23.5 million YouTube subscribers.

He has starred in several movies and television shows and has appeared as a special guest on many occasions. His popularity will likely help WWE increase its ratings and viewership as his fans tune in to watch him.

A lot is already known about The Maverick, who has also competed in a couple of boxing matches. However, there are a few things that many WWE fans may not know about the newest superstar on the roster.

With that being said, check out the five things you probably didn’t know about WWE’s newest signee, Logan Paul.

#5. Logan Paul started making videos at a very young age

Logan Paul was interested in making videos from an early age
Logan Paul was interested in making videos from an early age

The 27-year-old gathered a large following after making YouTube videos, some of which quickly went viral

Many fans may not know that Paul started making videos at a very young age. He was only 10 when he began filming homemade videos in his backyard and posting them on the internet via an application known as Zoosh.

He gained fame after he started sharing prank videos on Vine. The Maverick’s fame and recognition on the video-sharing platform brought him a lot of deals with big brands like Pepsi.

After gaining a massive following for his 6-second Vine videos, Paul’s parents started supporting him in what he did. By the time the platform shut down, he had 9.4 million followers.

"Our parents are really proud. They definitely didn't get it at first, but now they're like 'OK, yeah. This is cool,'" Paul told Business Insider.

Once Vine shut down, he started his YouTube channel, which made him very successful. He is among the most subscribed individuals on the video-sharing platform today.

#4. The Maverick dropped out of college to become the “biggest entertainer in the world.”

Logan Paul dropped out of college in 2014.
Logan Paul dropped out of college in 2014.

Logan Paul majored in Industrial Engineering at Ohio University. However, in 2014, he dropped out to pursue a career as a full-time social media entertainer in Los Angeles.

Paul wanted to focus all his time and energy on making Vine videos at the time. He moved into an apartment complex in Los Angeles with other Vine stars.

Other celebrities near him included social media celebrities Amanda Cerny, Juanpa Zurita, and Andrew Bachelor.

In an interview, The Maverick disclosed that he decided so he could become the biggest entertainer in the world.

"I want to be the biggest entertainer in the world. That's my deal. I'll do whatever it takes to get that. As many hours as is needed," Logan Paul told Business Insider.

The move helped him focus on doing what he loves. Paul has proven that he made the right decision as he is one of the most recognizable internet celebrities in the world today.

#3. WWE’s newest signee is colorblind

I'm colorblind. And today I bought the glasses that cure your color blindness! I'M SO HYPED! 😱

Logan Paul has a keen eye for making entertaining videos and creating something different. However, many fans may not know that WWE’s newest signee is colorblind.

Paul claims he is red-green colorblind, making him unable to distinguish between the two-color pigments. However, that hasn’t stopped him from creating new content.

In one of his early YouTube videos, Logan Paul claimed that a pair of special glasses helped cure his colorblindness. He overacted in the now-viral video to gain nearly 30 million views. He was parodied and criticized by YouTube personalities such as Ethan Klein and iDubbbz for faking his reactions.

He later admitted that he "embellished" and "exaggerated his reactions" to the glasses but added that he "did not lie" about his impairment.

"I wanted to create an amazing story, an amazing piece of content that showed what it means to be colorblind. Just like any storyteller, I exaggerated my reactions. I did not lie. What I did do is embellish. You heighten the circumstances and make it a little bit more fun but there is a core and a truth to it," Logan said.

As a YouTuber, it makes sense that The Maverick wanted to add more fun and drama to his video. However, his actions were called out by a few famous personalities.

#2. Logan Paul suffered from long-term brain damage after sustaining an injury


Logan Paul attended Westlake High School and reached the ranks of The Plain Dealer's All-Star linebacker on the football team in 2012. He later qualified for the state-level Ohio High School Athletic Association 2013 Division I Wrestling Individual Championships.

In a video titled “I have holes in my brain…”, Paul revealed that he suffered an injury while playing high school football that affected his brain.

He underwent a brain scan and discovered that the injury affected the part of the brain that controls his ability to have a human connection with others and empathy.

Dr. Daniel Amen, a celebrity brain disorder specialist, can be seen in the video explaining the injury and its effects on The Maverick.

"It’s not missing. But it’s hurt," the doctor said. "This is really important because right here … makes you human. You hurt it. Which means you’re going to have trouble with focus, forethought, organization, planning, empathy, and learning from the mistakes you made. We need to fix this. If we don’t fix this, no matter how successful you are, you’re not going to make the decisions you need to move your life in the direction you want."

It will be interesting to see if the brain damage will affect his WWE career. He could well blame some of his controversial video ideas on the effects of his injury.

#1. The YouTube sensation lives in a multi-million-dollar mansion

It’s no secret that many WWE Superstars have become millionaires after spending several years with the company. However, there aren’t many who walk into the company with millions in their bank accounts.

However, Logan Paul is one of the few men who’ve walked into WWE with a hefty amount in their pockets. Paul has made a fortune by making videos on YouTube and other social media platforms. His hard work has allowed him to enjoy some of the most luxurious things in life.

Many WWE fans might not know that Logan Paul lives in a $13 million mansion in Puerto Rico. Located at the Ritz Carlton Reserve, the five-bedroom, seven-bathroom abode is one of the most luxurious places Paul could have picked to live and train.

Kevin Thobias owns the mansion. According to the listing, Paul pays an estimated $55,000 per month for the fully furnished mansion.

He moved from California to Dorado, Puerto Rico, claiming that high taxes were the reason behind his move. Logan sure knows how to treat himself while making the most out of his fortune.

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