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WWE Money in the Bank 2016: 5 Superstars who held the briefcase the longest

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Rollins gets his moment.

This year’s edition of the Money in the Bank (MITB) ladder match has some of the most promising stars eyeing to grab the briefcase that guarantees them a huge moment sometime in the future. The cash-in has been regarded as a huge moment because of what history tells us. Each and every cash-in has some sort of thrill, suspense attached to it. Some have cashed in sooner than later while some took their time and that has been worth the wait.

In many of the earlier editions you just knew that some of these superstars were just there to perform high spots but had a slim chance of actually winning. This year all 6 members of the ladder match have a chance of winning. Each one of them has either been a part of big money matches or have the potential to be in one in the future.

Here are the 5 men who took the longest to cash-in their contract

#1 Edge -280 days

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Edge’s cash-in set the bar for all future cash-ins

Being the inaugural MITB winner had a lot of baggage attached to it. Like any other fresh idea, this idea of contract in a briefcase could have been a hit or a miss. Edge himself was very unconvinced with this and wanted to opt out of the first ever MITB ladder match at WrestleMania until Jericho and Kane made him change his mind. And that has made all the difference.

So, WWE took its time building up to the moment of the cash-in. And when it finally happened after 280 days, it was everything that it promised to be and more. It was unexpected, shocking, thrilling and a breakthrough for Edge where he finally became THE Guy.

Cena, out and about, downtrodden after his brutal victory in the Elimination Chamber match was greeted by Vince McMahon who congratulated him only to tear down that moment by announcing that Edge will be cashing in. It was a major swerve. This set the bar for what a cash-in can look like and it was glorious.

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