Ranking the 10 Biggest WWE moments of the past decade

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Nathan Smith

WWE is another 10 years older, and there has been plenty of change within the company and the wrestling business as a whole. The past decade has been a fun one. While there are certainly plenty of criticisms to send WWE's way, they've managed some of the biggest and best moments in pro-wrestling over the past 10 years, and while we all may look back on the glory days of the Attitude Era, the period of 2010-2019 has been quite fun as well.

From huge debuts to retirements to incredible and surprising match results, this decade, while not WWE's best, has still given a lot to love to all fans. We do hope that the next 10 years raise the bar, but before we get ahead of ourselves let's sit back and read along as we take a fond look back on the decade that was, and analyse the top 10 WWE in the past decade.

#10 Mark Henry's "retirement" speech

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This is a very underrated moment, but looking back on all the great twists that happened in the past 10 years, we had to include it because of just how shocking and well done it was. Mark Henry was coming to the end of a very long career (or so we thought), and he decided to give a very emotional retirement speech. The crowd was eating it up -- but there was a catch -- Henry wasn't retiring. He used all this emotion as a ruse to fool not only the WWE Universe, but WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena too.

It was one of the best promos WWE during this past decade, and probably the decade before as well. This moment made Henry one of the most hated heels in the company. To many, it's unfortunate that they didn't put the championship on him immediately. If you haven't seen this one in a while, check it out below, because it's one of the best promos of the past decade.

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