"She didn't have more than $70,000 in the bank" - Alberto Del Rio shares explosive details of his relationship with Paige

Paige and Alberto Del Rio.
Paige and Alberto Del Rio.
Lennard Surrao

Alberto El Patron, aka Alberto Del Rio, sat down for a huge interview with Lucha Libre Online's Hugo Savinovich.

The former WWE Superstar opened up about his past relationship with Paige and revealed all the details about went wrong between him and the former Divas Champion.

Alberto Del Rio felt that he and Paige could have established an empire together as a couple by pooling their collective resources. Unfortunately for both wrestlers, they took the unfavorable path, and their highly-publicized relationship came to a controversial end.

"Paige and I could have built an empire together, because of our talents, because of what was around us, but unfortunately due to the situations, instead of taking advantage and growing as a couple, we did the opposite. We dedicated ourselves to doing things that were not they were productive neither for our careers nor for our lives," Del Rio said.

Alberto Del Rio explained he signed a confidentiality agreement worth $1 Million with Paige to safeguard his interests and future. The former WWE Champion alleged that Paige didn't own a car, a house, or have more than $70,000 in bank balance.

Del Rio realized later that he was the only person standing to lose in the relationship. The former US Champion considered himself blessed to have made enough money from his stints in WWE, IMPACT Wrestling, AAA, and various other companies.

Due to their agreement, Alberto Del Rio stated he had to 'stay quiet' despite Paige's allegations leveled against him.

"For this reason and also for the love, for the beginning, for the 2 parties, to protect them, we did it and signed a confidentiality agreement for 1 million dollars. After signing it, I found out that Paige didn't own a house, she didn't have a car, she didn't have more than $ 70,000 in the bank, and the one who really had to lose something was me. Because, thank God, WWE, Impact, AAA, all those companies made me great and gave me to win, but that money belongs to my children. It is the future of my children, it is for them to become someone... If the relationship ends, it hits me, my family hits me, and although everyone told me why I didn't say anything, because that's why, because I was tied to that contract, whoever I spoke to was going to come immediately to tail," Del Rio explained.

Alberto Del Rio accused Paige of not abiding by the agreement. Del Rio also addressed rumors of him indulging in domestic violence while he was with Paige. The Hispanic star denied the allegations and added he was not the person arrested in the matter.

Del Rio also disclosed that another unnamed person was involved in the equation, and that law enforcement apprehended the person on multiple occasions.

"So that's why I say 'thank you, Paige' because you broke that confidentiality agreement; you freed me to take action if I am attacked again by you or by yours. In that relationship between Paige and me, there was a person who was arrested 3 times in San Antonio, Las Vegas, and Orlando for domestic violence; it was not me. There is a person who has 6, 7 police reports for domestic violence in San Antonio," claimed Alberto.

Alberto Del Rio wants nothing to do with Paige

Alberto Del Rio reiterated that his main focus was to protect the future of his children and family. The 43-year-old veteran had no desire to ruin Paige's life. He asked Paige to leave him alone, and he was even ready to present the confidentiality agreement during the interview.

Although Paige has been accused of breaching the agreement, Alberto Del Rio has no intention of 'collecting money that doesn't belong to him.'

"I will not say more; I only say this because I have to protect the future of my children. I ask Paige because I have no intention of affecting her life; thank God you have a job, you continue to support it, you continue to receive your payment month after month, keep it. I ask you to hopefully leave me in oblivion as I had left you and that you walk, go ahead, and that God bless you... Paige, I am not going to collect money that does not belong to me," El Patron added.


Alberto Del Rio spoke on almost every relevant topic under the sun during his one and half hour interview with Hugo Savinovich, which you can view in the video above.

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