6 Best Halloween Looks from Shotzi Blackheart 

Shotzi Blackheart found a kindred spirit in Ember Moon during their time in NXT together
Shotzi Blackheart found a kindred spirit in Ember Moon during their time in NXT together
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Happy Halloween, Sportskeeda readers.

Shotzi Blackheart is the Scream Queen of WWE and a lady who embraces all that is horror and alternative. So let's delve into her best Halloween looks and rank them from 9 to that coveted number 1 spot.

These looks have all been shared by Shotzi Blackheart on her Instagram in the last year. The ranking period is from November 2020 to October 2021.

#6 Shotzi Blackheart celebrates ELVIS's birthday in style

Shotzi Blackheart is a huge fan of rock and roll so it makes sense that she would want to celebrate The King, Elvis Presley’s birthday. The images were posted on 9th January 2021. Donned in a sleek black leather jacket and trousers, she emulates one of the most well-known looks ELVIS has sported.

The jacket has that denim vibe with the details all in white. She complemented the look with his trademark gold sunglasses from the Vegas and Hawaii eras of his career along with a vintage electric guitar. But Shotzi does it her way as always, with her iconic tattoos, black choker and matching nails all on display.

#5 Frankenhooker and the B-Movie

As such an avid fan of horror movies it isn’t that surprising that she would delve into the weird and wonderful world of B-Movies. Last year she rocked an Elvira, Mistress of Darkness inspired look at Halloween Havoc and this year she looked to the 1990 American horror black comedy Frankenhooker.

Frankenhooker is very loosely based on the 1818 novel Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley. For Halloween this year she embodies the main character, the Frankenhooker, Elizabeth.

Wearing a skin-tight purple dress paired with purple hair, a real first for Shotzi, and matching eyeshadow and lipstick.

#4 Shotzi Blackheart is a Cowgirl in Red

At the start of October, Shotzi Blackheart posted a collection of images dressed as a Cowgirl. She was dressed in head-to-toe red leather, sporting a matching hat with the whole look adorned with silver studs.

As always, she does it her way with deep red lips and black fishnets. No matter what character or style she is dressing in the essence of Shotzi can always be seen. You can read more about this outfit in our look at the best Instagram images of the week.

#3 Be My Bloody Valentine

Shotzi Blackheart posted this image leading up to Valentine’s Day and we at Sportskeeda couldn’t think of anything more perfect to celebrate the most romantic day of the year. Here we see Blackheart with the villain of the story, but the tables have been turned.

My Bloody Valentine is a 1981 slasher film where a group of young adults are targeted by an assailant dressed in mining gear during a Valentine's Day party. While the film had nine minutes cut from its release due to censorship issues, Shotzi has kept it strictly PG13.

Sporting a white "Be Mine" t-shirt and black leather high waisted skirt, she takes on the villain of the film. Her ripped fishnets, striped socks and black boots are practical for running away, but also perfect for defending herself with the famous pickaxe from the film. This is truly a lovely look from Shotzi Blackheart and perfect for a date night or even a simple Halloween costume.

#2 Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon welcome you to the Thunderdome

Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon are kindred spirits inside and outside of the ring, both enjoying cosplay as much as the other. As a team, they found a comfortable middle ground between horror and fantasy with their look taking inspiration from two cult classic film franchises, Mad Max and the Evil Dead.

Shotzi Blackheart also made a small nod to the hero of the Evil Dead horror film series Ash, played by cult legend Bruce Campbell, by donning his trademark chainsaw hand from Evil Dead II. The second film in the franchise is a black-comedy horror but as we have seen previously Blackheart loves to embrace every fascist of the horror genre.

Their looks are also very reminiscent of the Army of Darkness movie, which was released in 1992, which is also a post-apocalyptic movie. Just like the film franchise of Mad Max, created and directed by George Miller, which had influenced many different gimmicks since the early 80’s.


#1 Shotzi Blackheart takes us to Camp Crystal Lake

Yet again Shotzi Blackheart turns the tables on another famous horror movie villain while taking us to Camp Crystal Lake. With this look, she has embodied all the early movies in the franchise while keeping things modern and fresh.

The Friday the 13th film franchise started in 1980 as an independent slasher movie. The premise of the film is a group of teenage camp counselors being stalked and murdered by a mysterious killer at an abandoned summer camp. The movie monster we come to know as Jason with his iconic hocky mask isn’t seen until the 3rd movie in the franchise.

Shotzi Blackheart wears her iconic black choker and fishnet combo while embracing the 1980’s summer camp aesthetic from the first movie. She teamed this with a classic Camp Crystal Lake t-shirt, boots, and denim shorts. In the images she posted to her Instagram we see her face off and finally defeat Jason. This is a very easy to put together look and a great costume idea for any sudden invite to a fancy-dress party.

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