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Will CM Punk appear at AEW Double or Nothing?

  • As Sting used to say, 'Nothing's for sure.'
Karan Bedi
Modified 22 Apr 2019, 02:00 IST

CM Punk All In?
CM Punk All In?

It's true! It's damn true! CM Punk (allegedly) returned to the ring at a local independent wrestling event, wrestling in a mask. wasn't a full-fledged return but certainly an interesting development for the man who once went by 'Best in the World.'

When it comes to unique individuals, CM Punk is certainly up there. He left the WWE over creative differences, though it was a series of events that led to him quitting the company. The infamous podcast with Colt Cabana infuriated the WWE brass. The podcast also led to Dr. Chris Amann filing a lawsuit for the podcast which insinuated that Amann misdiagnosed him during his time in WWE.

While Punk beat that case, he is still dealing with a lawsuit filed by his former friend Colt Cabana. It's hopeful that will be resolved soon. In the meantime, the former WWE Champion has made his acting debut earning rave reviews for his performance, appearing at fan events and giving his insights on sports shows.

Which lead us back to what made CM Punk famous. Pro wrestling is in his blood and his (alleged) appearance at MKE Wrestling's "The Last Knight" event was gratifying. It's been five years since he quit WWE and him appearing in a pro wrestling ring was long overdue. Sure, he was wearing a mask but it was unexpected and fun. Which leads to a lot of speculation and the ultimate question.

Will CM Punk appear at AEW Double or Nothing?

Dream Feuds
Dream Feuds

It depends on a lot of factors. CM Punk may say in public that he's an MMA guy now but his pro wrestling return has come out of nowhere and the timing is remarkable. Him wrestling again is good for business and is most likely to bring in wrestling fans from all over.

AEW has brought in quite a few names such as Pac, Chris Jericho, Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and The Lucha Bros. There have been rumors that a big money offer has been made to Dean Ambrose. While the AEW roster has a lot of up and coming talent, AEW would pay big bucks to get the voice of the voiceless to return to the ring.

CM Punk could name his own price and his own schedule. In an interview with Gary Cassidy, Chris Jericho gave an insight into a kind of schedules and matches that he will have at AEW. He says:

The days of wrestling 100 times a year are done. I don't want to do that, I'm not interested in that. The way that I feel right now, I want to continue having great matches that mean something.

One of the reasons that CM Punk left WWE was that he found the schedule grueling and was not enjoying it anymore. If he is booked right, he can have dream matches with the likes of Kenny Omega, Pac and/or The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes. So many possibilities are on the table.

While AEW does not have a TV deal as of yet, having some big mainstream names on their AEW roster would certainly get the attention of TV executives and media outlets. CM Punk is money. It's quite clear that he still has a fanbase that will tune in to anything he does.

While it's not clear if AEW Double or Nothing will feature a surprise appearance by him, it will certainly create a buzz after the event is done. AEW has the big money to offer him and if booked right, his wrestling return could be the greatest of all time.

Could he return? Stay tuned and maybe wrestling fans will hear the phrase once again 'I am the best wrestler in the world.'

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Published 22 Apr 2019, 02:00 IST
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