3 WWE Superstars who could turn heel, and two who could turn face at Money in the Bank 2022

Expected major heel and face turn at Money in the Bank 2022
Expected major heel and face turn at Money in the Bank 2022

The upcoming Money in the Bank 2022 premium event may witness some huge twists and turns. Superstars can betray their friends, and maybe some events planned by WWE can seemingly make them change character.

Several stars are currently in need of heel or face turns, including the few on the Money in the Bank card. It is essential for someone to fit into the role they are most suited to make an impression in the WWE universe.

With that in mind, here are five WWE Superstars who could turn heel or babyface at Money in the Bank this coming Saturday.

#3. Angelo Dawkins turns heel after Street Profits loss to The Usos

Angelo Dawkins of The Street Profits
Angelo Dawkins of The Street Profits

Two-time Tag Team Champions, The Street Profits, haven't had the best transition to RAW. They lost repeatedly to RK-Bro and The Usos. Another defeat to Jimmy and Jey at Money in the Bank could be the breaking point that ends Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford’s successful partnership.

The potential frustration would likely see Dawkins turn heel, as Ford has always been seen as the star of The Street Profits. The latter is more natural as a babyface and has been tipped by many to become a major star in WWE. Angelo Dawkins may get sick of the attention Montez Ford always gets, leading to a rivalry between the two partners.

#2. Sheamus turns face after helping Drew Mcintyre at Money in the Bank 2022

WWE SmackDown video highlights: Drew McIntyre & Sheamus vs. The Usos

Sheamus turned heel following his attack on Drew McIntyre in 2021. It led to the birth of a feud that is continuing in breaks to this day. However, the two sparring parties were forced to team up against the Usos to qualify for Money in the Bank 2022.

The Celtic Warrior and the Scottish Warrior, interestingly, booted the current tag team champions. This might be an overview of a potential plan by WWE to team them up in the future. The upcoming premium event is the perfect opportunity for this to take effect.

Sheamus could potentially team up with his opponents to pulverize other superstars during the ladder match. Subsequently, he might save McIntyre from a post-match ambush if the Scottish Warrior wins the briefcase, turning him into a good guy in the process. The Irishman's turning face is likely to play over a few weeks, but having it take place at Money in the Bank could be more impactful.

#2. Alexa Bliss turns heel on bestfriend Liv Morgan

Liv Morgan and Alexa Bliss
Liv Morgan and Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss hasn’t been a complete heel in the past three years, and it's the role she excels in the most. She is currently on the good side, becoming tight with fellow babyface Liv Morgan. Both superstars have also qualified for the Money in the Bank ladder match.

There have been hints of a potential crack in the friendship, though. On RAW Talk, Morgan declared that they can't be friends anymore due to the "briefcase." Her win against Bliss on the latest episode of RAW could have only made the rift deeper.

If Liv Morgan goes on to win the Money in the Bank briefcase, it is highly possible that Alexa Bliss might turn heels on her out of sheer jealousy. However, a more likely scenario would see the former Women’s Champion betraying her friend to win the match herself.

#1. Natalya turns face after winning WWE RAW Women's Championship

.@natbynature ambushes @rondarousey and locks in the vicious Sharpshooter! #SmackDown

Natalya has been assigned multiple roles throughout her career. WWE has utilized her flexible personality to its full potential. Since her debut as a heel in 2008, she has had various transitions to babyface. She is currently a villain. However, this can quickly transform at the Money in the Bank 2022.

Heel Natalya is the underdog going into the match against Ronda Rousey on July 2. The odds and crowd support are tilted towards the side of the Baddest Woman on the Planet. However, Natalya can quite possibly pull off a shocking win. The new SmackDown Women's Champion would then have a significant chance of turning the fans around during her victory.

Meanwhile, this could also lead to the first signs of Ronda Rousey slowly reverting to her classic heel personality.

#1. Bobby Lashley turns heel after John Cena's inclusion in title match

Bobby Lashley
Bobby Lashley

The feud between Omos and Lashley brought out the best in the latter as a babyface. However, it can be argued that Lashley's role as a heel suited him better. It helped him rise to the top of the roster as the All-Mighty.

An immediate transition to that role could happen, courtesy of John Cena possibly getting involved in his match at Money in the Bank. The rivalry between the 16-time world champion and Theory has been teased on social media and WWE might make this happen. Cena could be a last-minute inclusion in the United States Championship match between him and Lashley.

The frustration of his one-on-one shot getting taken away could boil over for Bobby Lashley at Money in the Bank, causing him to attack John Cena with the US Title. He might win it using such tactics, embarking on another run with the belt. Meanwhile, Cena could face Theory in a non-title match at SummerSlam.

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