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WWE RAW 13th June 2016: 5 Points to Note

The Raw before MITB is in the books, and here is a lowdown

The former Shield members were in the ring at the same time for The Ambrose Asylum

The go home Raw for Money In The Bank began with a silent prayer for the victims of possibly the biggest mass attack in America, the Orlando shooting. And then the show went on.

This was the go home edition of Raw before Money In The Bank with one of the most hyped segments being what the company called a reunion of sorts of, the most successful faction in recent history, The Shield.

You see, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns were guests on The Ambrose Asylum.

And John Cena and AJ Styles got the lone contract signing segment of the show.

The road to the live Smackdown show continued as well.

On that note, here are the 5 points to note from this edition of Monday Night Raw.

#1 Wrestlemania Caliber

Could Ambrose win the Money in the Bank contract and cash in on Rollins or Reigns on Sunday?
Ambrose was the last man standing

The match between Rollins and Reigns has been touted as Wrestlemania caliber and that trend continued this week as well. Ambrose introduced Rollins as the scum of the earth and the audience welcomes Reigns with more boos than Rollins.

This wasn’t an electric segment when it began but it quickly gained energy towards the end with Reigns delivering a solid, seamless promo on the history of The Shield and remarking on Seth’s betrayal.

And then Ambrose creeping in between and mentioning that he might just win the Money In The Bank and cash it in on anyone who has the championship between Reigns and Rollins.

This Shield Triple Threat is not just Wrestlemania caliber, it’s Wrestlemania Main Event caliber.

In the end, Rollins attacked both Ambrose and Reigns. Reigns gave Rollins the Superman Punch only to get hit by Dirty Deeds from Ambrose.

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