WWE: 5 Superstars who need to revisit their old gimmicks

  • Gimmicks were, are and will always be, an intriguing part of pro wrestling.
  • The sky will be the limit for these stars, if they revert to their old gimmicks.
Aryan Tiwari
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Modified 21 May 2020, 02:16 IST

Those were the daaaaaaaays!
Those were the daaaaaaaays!

Change, they say, is the only constant.

Even in the world of pro-wrestling, superstars change their character to reinvent themselves and freshen up the wrestling scene. Gimmicks were, are, and will always be, an integral part of professional wrestling, and thus, to reach to the top, a wrestler needs to have an out-of-the-box gimmick along with exceptional in-ring skills. While these new characters adopted by a superstar tend to be better than their previous iterations, that is not the case always. So without further ado, allow me to present to you the Superstars who desperately need to visit their old gimmicks. 

Honorable Mention: Robert Roode becomes Bobby Roode

The return of Bobby Roode will be Glorious
The return of Bobby Roode will be Glorious

I know that changing a wrestler's name doesn't change his career trajectory (looking at you, Shorty G), but Robert Roode reverting to his old name will be the first step in re-establishing him as the Glorious superstar he was back in NXT. Roode's appearance, personality, and moveset are quite similar to Triple H, and the Canadian native deserves to be a star as big as, if not bigger, than Hunter. But, given the fact that fans used to sing him to the ring, led to the company turning the former NXT Champion into a babyface, and his career has been on a downward spiral since then. Roode has proved in his time in NXT that he is a top-tier main event heel, and careful booking will not only keep The Glorious One strong but will also allow the superstar defeating Roode to come over as a big babyface.

With Roode stuck in Canada due to the global pandemic, it is the best time to hit the reset button on the 'Glorious One', giving him the push he deserves upon his return. We have seen how returning to NXT, and turning heel, has revived Finn Balor's career, and the same route can be taken for Roode as well. The Undisputed Era's time on NXT is possibly coming to an end, and given that Finn Balor may restart his quest for the UK Championship when things return to normality, the Black and Gold Brand will benefit by having a veteran like Roode as the top heel.

You may like it or not, but this honorable mention was GLORIOUS!

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Published 21 May 2020, 02:16 IST
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