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WWF 'In Your House 13: Final Four' 1997 Review

  • The Final Four: Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bret "The Hitman" Hart, Vader & The Undertaker. Who becomes the new WWF Champion of the world?
Kartik Arry
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Things were quite eventful last week. Shawn Michaels “lost his smile” & vacated the WWF Championship. Rocky Maivia became the new WWF Intercontinental Champion & Stone Cold Steve Austin tried to jump off a goddamn balcony!

For those who have no idea about what went down during last week’s show, (13th February 1997) you can check my exclusive recap by clicking here.

So that brings us to this Pay-Per-View. Since Mr Vacant holds the WWF Title after Thursday RAW Thursday, it looks like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Bret “The Hitman” Hart, Vader & The Undertaker will take part in a Four Man No DQ Elimination matchup to decide which superstar becomes the new champion.

The whole PPV is advertised upon this mega main-event. Who will become the new WWF Champion?

The Final Four: Stone Cold, Bret Hart, Vader & The Undertaker...
The Final Four: Bret Hart, Stone Cold, The Undertaker & Vader...


1) Marc Mero (w/ Sable) vs. Leif Cassidy.

2) The Nation of Domination (Farooq, Crush & Savio Vega) vs. Goldust, Flash Funk & Bart Gunn.

3) Rocky Maivia (c) vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley {WWF Intercontinental Championship Match}.

4) Owen Hart & The British Bulldog (c) (w/ Clarence Mason) vs. Doug Furnas & Phil Lafon {WWF Tag Team Championship Match}

5) Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart vs. Vader vs. The Undertaker {Four-Man No DQ Elimination Match for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship}.

Jerry Lawler Has A Piece Of Advice For Young Wrestlers Out There...

You better listen to what The King has to say here...
You better listen to what The King has to say here...


Leif Cassidy doesn’t get an entrance. Who is Leif Cassidy? Is there a story behind this match? Leif Cassidy is more famously known as Al Snow. The man was responsible for having one of the best matches of 1995 (against Chris Benoit). Send him to ECW already.


Marc Mero does some quick arm-drags to start this bout. We all know that Marc Mero has some flashy moves up his arsenal. But hey, Jerry Lawler on commentary has a piece of advice for young folks. Lawler says that all your somersaults & all your planchas are doing nothing but eventually ending you up in a hospital. Good ‘ol Jerry prefers a more “ground-based” wrestling style. It certainly works for him.

Readers should note that 20 years later, Jerry Lawler still wrestles a match or two up to this day. Yes, “it certainly works for him”. Don't be flippin' on RAW...

Sable distracts Leif Cassidy outside the ring. JR reminds us that Sable had enough courage to kick The Undertaker on WWF Superstars a few weeks ago. I mean, I don’t know- Kicking The Undertaker sounds like a major accomplishment on your Pro-Wrestling resume.

There are nil stakes involved here, but Cassidy tries to tell a story by constantly targeting Mero’s leg. Sure, it’s a good storytelling device in the ring, but this is the first match of the night & you don’t want to spend applying leg-locks to your opponent the whole time.

JR tries to put Cassidy over. It always feels like JR is the only one pushing for all the hottest talents from different circuits all over the globe.

Cassidy applies a figure four lock courtesy of “The Nature Boy” Buddy Rogers. Mero is just about to tap out. However, Sable frantically pushes the ropes towards him. Sable is turning more heelish week-by-week.

So because of this, Leif Cassidy goes out & confronts Sable. Sable slaps him to get away, & Marc Mero dives onto a distracted Leif Cassidy outside.

Not long after, “Wildman” Marc Mero goes to the top rope for his finisher. After Multiple leg-locks & me finally figuring out that Leif Cassidy is Al Snow, the crowd cheers when Mero executes a Shooting Star Press (Wild Thing) & wins the match as expected.

A still of Marc Mero performing the
A still of Marc Mero performing the 'Wild Thing'

Vince McMahon is not on commentary. Interesting. This is also where JR & Jerry Lawler prove that they have great chemistry on air together.

‘Did you see that Ross? Sable set him up! Sable set him up! Did you see? Did you see? Argh, I wish Mero’s leg would give out’ (Just paraphrasing)

Thou shalt read Jerry Lawler's quotes in Jerry Lawler's voice...

RESULT: Marc Mero wins via pinfall.

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Published 18 Aug 2018, 10:18 IST
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