5 stars who might end their careers in AEW

Bryan Danielson may hang up his boots in All Elite Wrestling.
Bryan Danielson may hang up his boots in All Elite Wrestling. [Photo credits: Bryan Danielson's Instagram & WWE.com]

AEW is home to several legends of the professional wrestling industry. Since the promotion's inception in 2019, several iconic veterans have jumped on Tony Khan’s bandwagon, hoping to elevate the next crop of talented pro wrestlers.

While Chris Jericho, Jake Roberts, and Billy Gunn have been with the promotion since the beginning, the majority of the icons signed with All Elite Wrestling during the last few years. Considering the deserved recognition they have received, many legendary stars are expected to stick with the Jacksonville-based promotion for a long time rather than return to WWE, which is now under the creative control of Triple H.

With Sting recently ending his career in AEW, it won't be surprising if other veterans also hang up their boots in Tony Khan's promotion. In this article, let's take a look at five legends who could end their careers in All Elite Wrestling.

#5. Dustin Rhodes owes his career resurgence to All Elite Wrestling

Following his debut in All Elite Wrestling in 2019, Dustin Rhodes reminded the world of his worth as an in-ring performer. Having been a comedic act in WWE for more than two decades, Rhodes’ historic battle against his brother at Double or Nothing 2019 instantly established him as a top star in the eyes of the audience.

Over the last five years, Dustin has remained a vital cog of AEW's programming. Apart from his mentoring duties, the veteran has also been an excellent performer inside the squared circle.

At 55 years old, the elder Rhodes does not have much time left in professional wrestling. Many wanted Dustin to be part of Cody Rhodes' feud against The Bloodline on the Road to WrestleMania. However, considering the love he has received as part of Tony Khan’s promotion, it is highly likely that the former Goldust will wrestle his final match in his current company.

#4. Chris Jericho has been a reliable asset to Tony Khan

Chris Jericho's influence is one of the main reasons behind the strong headstart AEW got in 2019. A roster mainly composed of indie talents, the presence of a megastar like Jericho helped bring legitimacy to the startup promotion.

Tony Khan has a very huge respect for the current FTW Champion and has constantly booked him as a main eventer. WWE seemingly underutilized the former Undisputed Champion during his last stint with the company. Khan, however, has always treated The Lionheart as a premier attraction.

Although his retirement is still far away, All Elite Wrestling would be the perfect place for the former WWE star to hang up his boots.

#3. Adam Copeland may be nearing his second retirement

Adam Copeland, formerly known as Edge, was considered a WWE lifer. However, The Rated R Superstar wanted to end his career alongside Christian Cage, leading him to sign with AEW in 2023.

In his nine-month-long run with the promotion, The Ultimate Opportunist has established himself as a workhorse performer. Copeland is already a two-time TNT Champion, and his run in All Elite Wrestling has been a hit so far.

Recently, Adam Copeland suffered a gruesome injury in his battle against Malakai Black. The unfortunate blow has ruled out the former WWE Champion for a long time.

Adam Copeland will turn 51 in October this year. Considering his constant battles with injuries, The Rated R Superstar could draw the curtains on his pro wrestling career at the end of his run in AEW.

#2. Christian Cage is a certified AEW legend

Christian Cage has always been a beloved figure in the pro wrestling community. Captain Charisma's early retirement in 2014 drew sympathetic reactions from the WWE audience, who were disappointed to bid goodbye to the underrated superstar.

After getting the green signal for his in-ring return in 2021, Cage competed in that year's Royal Rumble. Soon after his Rumble appearance, Cage signed with AEW, where he continues to be a significant figure.

While his initial run saw him compete as a babyface, the second half of Cage's run witnessed the emergence of his dark side. Through his exceptional character work, the 50-year-old has restored the prestige of the TNT Championship, while also elevating several young stars.

Having done the best work of his career in AEW, it will be a shame if Christian Cage has his retirement match anywhere other than Tony Khan's promotion.

#1. Bryan Danielson has had a memorable run in All Elite Wrestling

Bryan Danielson is among the top five AEW signings of all time. During his three-year-long run in the promotion, The American Dragon has churned out numerous memorable in-ring classics.

Danielson's character work has also been top-notch, as he continues to be the most prominently featured star on the company's programming.

The veteran is in his last year as a full-time wrestler, as announced by Danielson himself. As part of AEW, Bryan Danielson has been able to compete in NJPW, CMLL, and other exciting promotions, which he may have never done as part of WWE.

Tony Khan thinks very highly of Bryan Danielson and is adamant about keeping him associated with the Jacksonville-based promotion. Considering his strong relationship with the Khan, it is highly likely that AEW will remain the home of The American Dragon till his eventual retirement.

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