AEW Dark Results - Major upset, Former WWE Superstar picks up first win, Shocking finish as female star interferes, Nick Comoroto beaten

AEW Dark Ep. #118 featured 12 matches and several promising talents in action.
AEW Dark Ep. #118 featured 12 matches and several promising talents in action.

AEW wasted no time going straight into the action as the 12-match card kicked off with a tag team contest.

"The Captain" Shawn Dean & Carlie Bravo vs. John Silver & Alex Reynolds (w/ Dark Order & -1)

Taz started by noting that while he hates the Dark Order, he respects the camaraderie between the group's members. The match got underway with a brilliant takedown from John Silver.

Carlie Bravo was outwrestled during the early moments of the match as he tried to get to a vertical base. Bravo hit the ropes but couldn't find Silver, who came back with a big clothesline.

Reynolds got the tag and delivered an excellent combination offense with his partner. Johnny Hungy returned and landed some stiff chest kicks of his own. Bravo, however, intercepted the kick and landed an elbow strike before Silver responded with a great mat return.

Shawn Dean finally got a blind tag and worked with Bravo to pull off a multi-move combo featuring an elbow drop and a back senton for a two-count. Silver blocked a double suplex but couldn't evade the double stomps and thrust kicks. The Dark Order member reached out to the ropes to break the pin. Carlie Bravo's inexperience came to the fore as Shawn Dean got back into the ring.

Silver began his comeback and made the hot tag to Reynolds, who took Dean out with an uppercut and a dropkick. Alex connected with a forearm shimmer followed by the neckbreaker for a two-count.

Dean recuperated and got him with his 'Hit Em' With The Deal' finisher, but Silver rushed in to break the pinfall. Reynolds escaped the fireman's carry and shoved Dean into Bravo.

Reynolds delivered a knee strike to Dean before isolating Bravo. The Dark Order hit a powerful four-move combo that started with a rolling elbow strike, followed by an enziguri. The duo finished the sequence with a Stunner and a German suplex before getting a jackknife pin over Bravo for the win.

Result: John Silver & Alex Reynolds def. Shawn Dean & Carlie Bravo

Grade: B+

A high octane offensive flurry leads to a #DarkOrder victory. Watch #AEWDark NOW:

Riho vs. Karma Dean (AEW debut)

Watch the first #AEW Women's World Champion @riho_gtmv in action NOW on #AEWDark:

The AEW debutant wasn't a popular figure as fans booed her before the match started. Dean used her size advantage to dominate Riho during the early exchanges.

Karma gouged Riho in the eyes and kept the former AEW Women's champion on the back foot by utilizing a slow but effective in-ring style. Riho avoided contact in the corner by getting her boots up in time.

She then executed a drop toe hold before rocking Karma Dean in the face with the Area Code Shot. Riho got a near fall with a Northern Lights suplex. The star then went up to the top and delivered a diving foot stomp for the win.

Result: Riho def. Karma Dean

Grade: B

2point0 & Daniel Garcia vs. Gabrial Hodder, Adrien Soriano & Matthew Omen (AEW Trios Debut)

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Daniel Garcia kicked off the AEW Trios match with an aggressive lock-up and a few knee lifts. 2point0 got the tag, and the team executed a dropkick-Russian leg sweep with Garcia's help.

Gabriel Hodder came in and got taken down in an instant. Matt Lee talked trash as he connected with a massive clothesline. Hodder took an elbow drop right across his spine before rolling over to Adrien Soriano, who started off well with some punches.

2point0 hit the 'Two for the Show' on Soriano before tagging in Garcia, who applied the Scorpion Death Lock for the win. Daniel Garcia didn't let go of the hold even after the bell.

Result: 2point0 & Daniel Garcia def. Gabrial Hodder, Adrien Soriano & Matthew Omen

Grade: C

Daniel Garcia and 2point0 stayed back for an interview with Tony Schiavone.

Kiera Hogan vs. Notorious Mimi

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Kiera Hogan executed a side headlock and maintained control until Mimi got back with a hair pull. Hogan reacted with a perfect dropkick but missed her running strike in the corner.

Mimi hit a high kick across the jaw, followed by a side slam for a two-count. Hogan got back quickly and delivered a leg drop, shotgun dropkick, and a baseball slide kick.

Kiera went on to finish Mimi off with a well-placed roundhouse kick.

Result: Kiera Hogan def. Notorious Mimi

Grade: C

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Edited by Ryan K Boman
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