AEW Dark Results - Twin sisters debut, Epic backstage segments, Message sent to Christian Cage - 20th April 2021

AEW Dark.
AEW Dark.
Modified 21 Apr 2021
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The latest episode of AEW Dark opened with a brilliant Darby Allin video package ahead of the TNT Champion's title defense against Jungle Boy on tomorrow's Dynamite episode.

The most recent episode of AEW Dark featured multiple backstage segments and vignettes to hype up the upcoming Dynamite episode, and the quality of production was pretty top-notch throughout the night.

Excalibur and Taz welcomed fans to the show before moving the spotlight on Justin Roberts for the evening's first match on AEW Dark.

Joey Janela (w/ Sonny Kiss) vs. Will Allday on AEW Dark

Joey Janela and Allday locked up to begin the in-ring proceedings of the episode, with Janela getting wrist control early on in the match.

Allday used his athleticism to tip the scales in his favor, but Janela fired back with a German suplex. Joey chopped Will in the corner, but his opponent responded with a cutter using the ropes.

Allday laid out Janela with a tope suicida before rolling him back into the ring. Will missed the Senton Atomico, and Janela got a two-count. Joey hit a back elbow on his feet.

Janela connected with a few stiff kicks to Allday's back. Will reversed a German release suplex by landing on his feet and delivering a dropkick.

Janela responded with a big clothesline shot. Allday reversed another suplex into a brainbuster. Both men exchanged thrust kicks before Janela hit a low-trajectory German suplex onto the ring pad.

Joey went to the top, but Will decked him with a kick and a hurricanrana. Allday hit a crossbody and called for Janela to get up. He missed a leaping move but still managed to hit a moonsault press. Janela countered the moonsault with a faceplant in mid-air.

Joey Janela pulled the straps down and dropped Allday with a Death Valley Driver to win on AEW Dark.

Result: Joey Janela def. Will Allday on AEW Dark

Grade: B

SCU vs. Ryzin & John Skyler on AEW Dark

Skyler and Frankie Kazarian engaged in a collar and elbow tie-up, and Frankie tried to use his range during the mat-based sequence.

Kazarian worked his way into a side headlock position, but Skyler responded with a forearm shot. Frankie Kazarian connected with three chops, followed by a German suplex. Christopher Daniels got the tag, and he executed a classic vertical suplex for a one-count.

Skyler, however, dropped Daniels with an uppercut. Ryzin got the tag, and he hit a big clothesline.

CD recovered and responded with a T-Bone suplex. He scoopslammed Ryzin, and Daniels dropped the elbow before Kazarian came in with a leg drop.

Ryzin was taken out with a Kazarian back suplex. He continued to eat a series of clubbing punches and chops.

A cheap shot from Skyler helped Ryzin hit a leg lariat on Kazarian. Skyler executed a clean flipping Samoan drop before tagging in his partner.

Ryzin missed the splash in the corner, and he got flattened with a clothesline. Daniels got the hot tag, and he took on both Skyler and Ryzin. The veteran hit a Bulldog-clothesline combo on Skyler and Ryzin before Kazarian came in to join his partner.

SCU hit a neckbreaker combo on Ryzin, which forced Skyler to break the pin. They took out Skyler with a high-low before hitting the BME (Best Meltzer Ever) on Ryzin for the win.

Result: SCU def. John Skyler & Ryzin on AEW Dark

Grade: C

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Published 21 Apr 2021
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