10 Naruto characters who deserved more screen time

Konan and Rin as seen in the 'Naruto' anime (Image via Sportskeeda)
Konan and Rin as seen in the 'Naruto' anime (Image via Sportskeeda)

Naruto features an ocean of incredible characters with peculiar and overwhelming feats and distinctive personalities. They have managed to successfully earn a place in the hearts of every fan.

One reason behind their likeability is their continuous appearance in the storyline, which eventually makes them the central characters in the anime.

However, most noteworthy Naruto characters haven’t received surplus screen time as they have either died or not been given the required attention.

Naruto characters seemingly forgotten in the anime

10) Kurenai


Kurenai is a highly skilled Kunoichi regarded as a Genjutsu prodigy. Even the master of Genjutsu, like Itachi, praised Kurenai for her skills. She is capable of sealing away a person’s Kekkei Genkai and can also enter the subconscious of her targets to see their real nature.

Kurenai became pregnant and decided to leave her job as a kunoichi to devote more of her time to her child. While she has not participated in any situation since then, fans have heavily missed her.

9) Yugao Uzuki

Yugao Uzuki as seen in the 'Naruto' anime (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Yugao Uzuki as seen in the 'Naruto' anime (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Yugao’s Kenjutsu prowess and exceptional sensory abilities caught the eye of the Anbu Division. She served under Kakashi Hatake, for whom she holds a great deal of respect. She is said to be one of the most highly skilled Kunoichi of not only the Anbu Division but also the entirety of Konoha.

Yugao has a specialty in Fuinjutsu, where she can seal an arsenal of weapons into scrolls and even the bodies of dead Shinobis. However, her appearance in the anime was heavily disregarded, and her real potential was also not shown in depth.

8) Rin Nohara

Rin was one of the members of Team Minato alongside Obito and Kakashi. She cared deeply for her friends, as she was the self-proclaimed peacemaker between Obito and Kakashi’s constant spats. Rin loved her village and the people so much that she sacrificed herself to stop the Three-Tails being sealed within her to set loose.

She played a pivotal role in the storyline by willingly dying at the hands of Kakashi, who turned Obito into an antagonist. As Rin is such an important character, even an episode dedicated to her won’t make the cut.

7) Haku


Haku was a shinobi of Kirigakure and belonged to the famed Yuki clan. As all of his clan members were brutally assassinated by their enemies, Haku was the only surviving member.

He possessed the Kekkei Genkai of Ice Release and was the only known user in Naruto. Haku was not only known for his strength and his unique capabilities but also his kind-heartedness.

He followed Zabuza willingly and helped the latter in his inhuman atrocities. Haku had the potential to become one of the strongest Shinobi in the franchise. Witnessing Haku’s death alongside Zabuza was the most heart-breaking moment for every Naruto fan.

6) Konan

Konan as seen in the ‘Naruto’ anime (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Konan as seen in the ‘Naruto’ anime (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Konan was a member of Akatsuki, who often used to work in the shadows rather than being in the front. She was one of the founding members of Akatsuki besides Yahiko and Nagato. Konan possessed a keen intellect that let her see Tobi’s evil intentions, and she also knew that someday she would have to go against him.

In the end, Konan fought Tobi as she prophesied, but as she was weaker than him, she got defeated eventually. Like other members of Akatsuki, Konan should have received a lot of screen time. Moreover, fans witnessed her fight just once in the Naruto franchise, which is truly disappointing.

5) Shino Aburame

As a member of the noble Aburame clan, Shino is adept in his Insect based techniques. He was infused with Kikaichu insects, which he used in both defenses and offense. Even a strong puppet user like Kankuro managed to fight him to a standstill.

Shino’s capabilities were greatly overlooked throughout the anime. He put up a good fight against a unique Crystal Release user like Guren. Shino had the potential to put most of the central characters and villains to shame. However, he didn’t receive enough attention he deserved in the first place.

4) Hiruzen Sarutobi

Hiruzen Sarutobi as seen in the 'Naruto' anime (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Hiruzen Sarutobi as seen in the 'Naruto' anime (Image via Studio Pierrot)

The Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, was one of the two individuals who has garnered the title God of Shinobi. In his prime, his powers were said to be equivalent to the likes of Hsahirama Senju, the greatest honor a Shinobi could ever get. Despite his old age, Hiruzen fought Orochimaru and reincarnated the first and second Hokage with ease.

However, he couldn’t keep up with the fight and ultimately sacrificed himself by performing the Reaper Death Seal. He had an arsenal of capabilities under his sleeves that weren’t explored as much as they should have been.

3) Neji Hyuga


Neji is hailed as the prodigy of the Hyuga clan, despite belonging to the branch family. Although he was prohibited from learning the Hyuga techniques, he managed to gain mastery over them by just watching. During the Fourth Great Shinobi War, he died protecting Naruto and Hinata, two of the most precious individuals in his life.

Even before his death, Neji’s appearance was scarce, and fans wondered why he was not included in most of the storyline. Furthermore, the creator of Naruto, Masashi Kishimoto, explained that Neji’s death was a tool he used to bring Hinata closer to Naruto.

2) Minato Namikaze

Konoha’s Yellow Flash, Minato Namikaze is the fastest Shinobi in Naruto. Most fans argue that the likes of Minato should deserve an entire arc, and they are not wrong about this.

Minato’s capabilities were such that even being outnumbered, he wiped out thousands of Shinobis single-handedly. His backstory remains a mystery, and the true nature of the Namikaze clan hasn’t been revealed yet.

As an essential character in the anime, Minato deserved more screentime glorifying his Hokage days.

1) Itachi Uchiha


Itachi started as the anime’s antagonist and became the unsung hero whose sacrifice can’t be overlooked. His likes were born once in a generation, and Itachi, despite being an Uchiha member, carried the Will of Fire.

He annihilated his entire clan and family just for peace, which pretty much talks about his loyalty to his village. His little brother Sasuke was the only person he loved more than anything in the world.

To atone for his doings, he decided to die at the hands of Sasuke. Itachi’s death took a heavy toll on fans and left them pretty shocked. He created a massive impact on everyone despite appearing every once or twice.

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