10 Naruto villains more popular than the protagonists, ranked

Nine-Tails Chakra mode Naruto vs Madara (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Nine-Tails Chakra mode Naruto vs Madara (Image via Studio Pierrot)

During Naruto and Naruto Shippuden’s time, we met a lot of villains and antagonists who faced our protagonist. But not all of them are as memorable and popular as the ones on this list. Their powers, personalities and designs all work to make them even more popular than some of the protagonists in the series.

From God-like figures to those who make us think about their motivations. In this list, we will present 10 Naruto villains who are even more popular than the protagonists.

Note: This list reflects only the author’s opinion and will contain spoilers from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.

Which Naruto villains are more popular than the heroes?

10) Kaguya Otsutsuki


The mother of all Chakra and last antagonist of Shippuden, Kaguya appeared out of nowhere in the middle of team 7 and Madara’s last stand. Kaguya was resentful of how Shinobi used the gift of Chakra she gave them and planned to wipe them all.

Her mystical design and unique personality allowed her to be one of the more interesting characters in the series. Her backstory was also something cool to know. Her ability to control reality as she wishes makes her a deadly foe and she possesses massive strength as well.

9) Konan


Nagato’s last remaining childhood friend, Konan was always an intriguing character from her first appearance. His attitude is like Pain, cold and ruthless, but convinced she is doing the correct thing. Konan was a strong Kunoichi and a fierce opponent out on the field.

Her ability to control and even transform her own body into paper folds made her a deadly opponent. Like Nagato, Konan was a war child that lost a lot and wanted to prevent the world from suffering like that, although her methods were not the best.

Her final fight against Obito was a super exciting one, and her design is one of the best.

8) Sasori


Sasori, the puppet master of Akatsuki, was a powerful shinobi that would use a hundred ninja puppets to fight with. He was even able to get the Third Kazekage as a puppet and use his sand control as an ability.

Sasori’s story is tragic and heartfelt, and his death is one that will never leave those who watched it. Sasori’s puppets were each unique, and his own body being a puppet will always be one of the best reveals in the series.

7) Deidara


An artist till his last breath, Deidara was another member of Akatuski who faced team 7 during Gaara’s kidnaping and later Sasuke. Deidara’s main ability was to create explosive clay figures he would infuse with his Chakra to give them life.

His design caught the viewers’ attention since the beginning, and the surprise that his hands had mouths in their palms that helped him create his sculptures made him stand out. His fighting style consisted mainly of long range attacks and explosions, but they were always a treat to see.

6) Hidan


An immortal member of Akatsuki with a money-driven mind. Hidan was a fearsome opponent with the ability to live through any damage and the power to inflict damage on his opponent equal to what he received. His power came from a ritual that also gave him his immortal body.

The killer of Asuma Sarutobi, Hidan left a deep wound in the heart of Shikamaru and the viewers. He was later defeated by the Nara heir after being outsmarted and dismembered, but he is supposedly still alive.

5) Nagato/Pain


One of Jiraiya’s first students, Nagato and his friends wanted to make the world a better place. But his suffering made him think that the only way for people to understand each other was through pain. With the help of his organization, Akatsuki, Nagato became one of the strongest ninjas in the world.

Controlling the bodies of dead people like his puppets, mainly his best friend Yahiko, Nagato is capable of fighting in a lot of various places at once, and when his Paths of Pain converged, they were nearly unstoppable. It took Naruto all he got just to defeat him, and the Kyubi’s seals almost broke during the fight.

He later repents and brings back to life all the people in the village he killed, giving his life in exchange. Nagato was an antagonist we will never forget, and his design and abilities are still a favorite of the fans.

4) Orochimaru


You cannot talk about Naruto’s villains without mentioning one of the three legendary Sannins. Orochimaru was a genius since he was a child, and his obsession with power led him into a darker and darker path. Orochimaru wanted to the be the most powerful ninja alive, and he thought learning all Jutsu would help him achieve that.

Orochimaru betrayed his village and his friends in his quest for power and became a cold and heartless monster. Experimenting with orphans and those who followed him to gain power, with no regard for their safety.

After his fight with Sasuke, we did not see him again until the Third Shinobi war, and he appears to have changed his ways. He was presented as a major villain during the Chunin Exams, and his fight against Tsunade and Jiraiya will always be one of the best.

3) Obito Uchiha


Another member of the illustrious Uchiha clan, Obito was Kakashi’s teammate during his childhood. Wild and reckless, Obito never saw eye to eye with Kakashi, and Rin’s feeling for her silver-haired team member only made Obito angrier.

During a mission, Obito is crushed by a rock and is presumed dead, but before he passes, he gives Kakashi his Sharingan. Obito is rescued by Madara and is given the Rinnegan to someday revive Madara.

His time as Tobi made fans love him because of his fun-loving nature, and when it was revealed that he was the mastermind behind a lot of Shippuden’s events, fans lost it. A great character and ninja all around.

2) Itachi Uchiha


Since he was first introduced to us, Itachi became a fan favorite. His power and Jutsu made him feel like the ultimate enemy during Naruto’s early years, and his backstory and mysterious presence had fans asking for more.

We later learned that Itachi was never a villain and he killed his clan and abandoned the village to protect his friends and brother. But during his time as a villain, Itachi always left an impression on fans and is still considered one of Naruto’s best characters.

1) Madara Uchiha


The biggest threat to the Shinobi world before the introduction of the Otsutsuki clan made its return. Madara was considered a god between ninjas before his supposed death at the hands of his best friend Hashirama.

We later knew he was still alive and plotting a way to get the ultimate power, the power of the Ten-tails. Cunning and powerful, Madara appeared to be nearly invincible, winning against all Kages with ease and all that before infusing himself with the Tailed-beasts’ powers.

His incredible strength, high intelligence, raw power, and personality made Madara one of Naruto’s most popular characters, and some would argue he is the most popular.

These were our picks for the Naruto Villains that were more popular than the protagonists.