10 One Piece characters, ranked from most ambitious to least

Luffy and Buggy could not be any more different in their motivations
Luffy and Buggy could not be any more different in their motivations (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Viz Media/One Piece)

Ambition goes a long way in the One Piece series. In many ways, it is this desire and determination that has driven the story for decades.

Ambition refers to a strong desire to do something in life. Some characters in the series are content with their current standing. However, there are others who are more than willing to bring down the system.

This article ranks the characters in Eiichiro Oda's shonen masterpiece, from most ambitious to least.

Note: There are a few manga spoilers at the very end of this article. This list is purely subjective and solely reflects the personal views of the writer.

Ranking Blackbeard, Monkey D. Luffy, and 8 other One Piece characters based on their ambition

10) Rocks D. Xebec


The Rocks Pirates ruled over the seas forty years ago. Rocks D. Xebec was a terrifying captain who commanded the likes of Kaido, Big Mom, and Whitebeard.

His main goal was to become the "King of the World" in the One Piece series. This speaks to his ambitious nature. Not just anybody would seek to overthrow the World Government.

Xebec was a fearless man who could only be defeated by Roger and Garp. This mysterious character has left behind mass destruction in his wake. He didn't care who got in his way.

9) Marshall D. Teach


Marshall D. Teach, also known as Blackbeard, is a very calculating schemer who always plans far ahead. He waited several decades with the Whitebeard Pirates just so he could steal the Yami Yami no Mi and control darkness.

Blackbeard named his flagship after Xebec. It's very clear that he knows more than he lets on in the One Piece series.

Blackbeard was originally an unknown criminal without a bounty. He caught everybody off-guard when he finally set his plans into motion. By the end of the Summit War saga, he took out Whitebeard and became the Emperor of the Sea.

Blackbeard's current goal is to find the One Piece treasure by stealing powerful Devil Fruits. He is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

8) Monkey D. Dragon


Very little is known about Monkey D. Dragon since he rarely shows up in the One Piece series. What is known is that he wants to change the entire world.

Dragon currently leads the Revolutionary Army against the Celestial Dragons. He is among the very few One Piece characters to directly oppose the World Government. This is a very brave feat, considering the organization's vast amount of resources.

Dragon is certainly not picking easy battles. The World Government considers him to be the worst criminal on the planet right now.

Dragon already convinced several kingdoms to overthrow their corrupt rulers. He is ready to turn the entire world upside down to achieve his goals.

7) Monkey D. Luffy


It takes some very lofty aspirations to go after the One Piece treasure. Pirate crews need to find all four Road Ponelgyphs, most of which are owned by the world's most powerful fighters.

Monkey D. Luffy is known for his adventurous spirit and fearless leadership skills. Over the span of a few years, the Straw Hat Pirates have caused trouble everywhere they went.

Luffy recently took down Kaido in Wano Country. Not even the World's Strongest Creature will stop him from realizing his dreams. It doesn't matter if he is going up against Admirals or Emperors; he will do anything to achieve his goal.

Very few One Piece characters share Luffy's undying level of determination.

6) Monkey D. Garp


Monkey D. Garp is known as the "Hero of the Marines." The man is so well-respected that even the Celestial Dragons cannot directly oppose him.

Garp proudly serves the Marines. However, he doesn't particularly care for the World Government. He would rather be a Vice Admiral than Admiral, simply because it gives him fewer responsibilities. He also doesn't have to answer for the Celestial Dragons.

Garp doesn't really do much anymore since he would rather sit back and relax. It's unknown if he was involved with the undercover SWORD organization. He would certainly be more ambitious if that was the case.

5) Kizaru


Kizaru is very hard to figure out in the One Piece series. He will do anything he is asked, but he also takes it very easy. The Admiral is rather slow for someone who can move at the speed of light.

Regardless of the situation, Kizaru rarely prompts himself into action. His concept of "Lazy Justice" is yet to be fully explained.

Kizaru's true aspirations in life are currently unknown. Nobody has any idea what he really stands for in the One Piece series. He just follows orders without making a fuss about it.

4) Charlotte Katakuri


Charlotte Katakuri is among the few characters in One Piece who can use Haoshoku Haki. Only those with the "qualities of a king" have this special ability.

Even so, the Sweet Commander doesn't really do anything for himself, beyond eating doughnuts on rare occasions. He only serves the needs of his entire family, particularly Big Mom. He carries their heavy burdens in that regard.

Katakuri is a great fighter in the One Piece series, but he is forced to follow the whims of his mentally unstable mother. it would be interesting to see what he would do if he took over the Big Mom Pirates.

3) Usopp


Usopp wants to be a great warrior in the One Piece series. He is part of the legendary Straw Hat Pirates.

Usopp is not without conviction, that much is certain. However, despite his best attempts, he is still a coward at heart.

Usopp was horrified when his bounty rose to 500,000,000 after the Onigashima Raid. He always prefers to take the easy way out and would rather not attract too much attention from anybody.

This is also someone who asked Rayleigh about the One Piece treasure before Luffy had to shut him up. He would rather reach the destination immediately rather than enjoy the journey to get there.

2) Dracule Mihawk


At one point in his life, Dracule Mihawk had great ambitions to become the world's greatest swordsman. He certainly had great aspirations back in the day. However, now that he's gotten what he wants, he doesn't have much else left to do.

These days, Mihawk just wants to avoid trouble and be left alone. Of course, the Marines aren't going to make that easy in the One Piece series. After the Warlord system was abolished, he joined the Cross Guild and let Buggy take all the credit, just so the Marines would focus on him instead.

Even back then, Mihawk didn't really do much with his title. He never abused his position of power like Doflamingo in Dressrosa.

Mihawk only cares about whether or not Zoro can surpass him. Life is quite lonely at the very top.

1) Buggy the Clown


Unlike the rest of the Roger Pirates, Buggy never bothered training his combat skills. He doesn't even seem to use Haki in the One Piece series, which is mainly based on willpower. It's hard to believe that both Buggy and Shanks were mere apprentices on the Oro Jackson.

After his captain's execution several years ago, Buggy fled to the East Blue, which is largely considered the weakest sea. His rise to power during the Summit War saga happened through complete luck and coincidences.

Buggy never intended to make himself well-known. Even when he was mistaken as the Cross Guild leader, all he could do was lament his situation.

Buggy is a starter villain who simply failed his way upwards. He would rather not draw too much attention. He is therefore the least ambitious character in the One Piece series.

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