One Piece: 10 most infamous pirate ships, ranked

Eustass Kid and the Victoria Punk (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Viz Media/One Piece)
Eustass Kid and the Victoria Punk (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Viz Media/One Piece)

A fearsome pirate crew is nothing without their ship in One Piece. The best way to send a message is through a jolly roger, as it signals that a specific pirate crew is about to arrive. Of course, every ship has its sails, so there is no better way to showcase a jolly roger.

Eiichiro Oda has a creative mind for pirate ships. For one reason or another, many infamous crews stand out with their unique designs. However, there will be a few notable omissions on this list. Notably, Kaido's main flagship has never been seen, while Xebec's ship is currently unnamed.

Disclaimer: There will be spoilers up to One Piece Chapter 1057.

Every single ship on this list will go down in infamy in the One Piece series

10) Going Merry (Straw Hat Pirates)


One Piece fans will forever remember Going Merry. This simple wooden ship can be considered another member of the Straw Hat Pirates themselves. With the sheep figurehead in tow, it guided Luffy's crew in their early adventures.

Going Merry was given to the Straw Hats for their efforts in saving Syrup Village. Usopp was so attached to it that he even fought Luffy when they needed a new ship. After taking so much damage over the course of their journey, it finally started to break down by the Water 7 arc.

Eventually, the ship was given a proper viking funeral. Only a series like One Piece can make viewers cry over a broken ship.

9) Thriller Bark (Thriller Bark Pirates)


This is arguably the biggest ship in the entire One Piece series. Gecko Moria turned an entire island into his personal mode of transportation. A giant outer wall surrounds the island. Its most identifiable feature is the mouth-shaped gate at the very front of the ship.

It's currently unknown how Moria managed to get the ship across the Grand Line. Moria somehow traveled back and forth between Paradise and the New World. However, the size of his ship would make that extremely difficult. This One Piece mystery continues to perplex the community.

Over two years ago, Thriller Bark was severely damaged by Monkey D. Luffy and Bartholomew Kuma, respectively.

8) Polar Tang (Heart Pirates)


Technically speaking, this is more like a submarine than a ship. Nonetheless, this yellow submersible is powered by more advanced technology than its contemporaries. According to the One Piece novel Law, it was built by a scientist named Wolf on Swallow Island.

Trafalgar Law can stay hidden in very deep waters for a very long time. He doesn't have the strongest crew, but they know how to man a submarine.

While he isn't classified under the Yonko umbrella, Law does share the same bounty as Luffy. The World Government will keep a close eye on the infamous pirate, given his role in taking down Kaido and Big Mom in Wano Country.

7) Victoria Punk (Kid Pirates)

Many One Piece fans love the punk rock design of Kid's ship. Its set design truly captures his heavy metal motif and features a giant dinosaur skull that acts as the ship's figurehead. Speaking of which, the ship has several different skeletons on board.

Victoria Punk is far more intimidating than most pirate ships, which is quite fitting for Kid's character. Back in the day, he secured a very high bounty for going after civilians and causing mass destruction.

Kid, alongside his rival Law, was able to defeat Big Mom during the Onigashima Raid. The World Government gave them a bounty of 3,000,000,000 bellies, indicating their monstrous threat level.

6) Thousand Sunny (Straw Hat Pirates)


Without question, this is the ship that defines the One Piece series. Back in the Water 7 saga, the Straw Hats had to replace a badly damaged Going Merry. Franky and the remaining members of Galley-La did a magnificent job and it really shows. Considering what they've built here, they are some of the best shipwrights in the world.

Thousand Sunny is a much bigger ship than Going Merry. It's built from extremely durable Adam Wood, so it can withstand severe punishment. The ship also has a lion figurehead in the shape of a sun. Furthermore, each crew member has a specific room dedicated to their needs.

Franky's dream is to build the greatest ship in the world. He can only achieve this goal if the Straw Hats find the One Piece treasure. Of course, this is only possible with the Thousand Sunny.

5) Sabre of Xebec (Blackbeard Pirates)

Blackbeard used to drift the seas on a flimsy log raft. Now that he usurped Whitebeard and took away his Yonko title, Blackbeard is a far more dangerous threat in the New World.

Most of his fleet consists of ships made from gigantic trees. They also have black sails with his skull jolly roger. It's very likely that Saber of Xebec will follow a similar theme in the One Piece series. Speaking of which, Blackbeard chose a very interesting name for his flagship.

He may be referring to the infamous Rocks D. Xebec. The World Government had to rely on Monkey D. Garp and Gol D. Roger just to get rid of him. Blackbeard definitely knows more than he lets on, considering Rocks had his name erased from history.

4) Queen Mama Chanter (Big Mom Pirates)


Needless to say, this ship puts other ships to shame. To the surprise of many, Queen Mama Chanter is many times the size of the Thousand Sunny. A powerful Yonko couldn't ask for a more imposing ship.

Big Mom's flagship has a strong confectionary theme, featuring everything from ice cream wafers to creamy frosting on the sides. The figurehead can only be described as a singing clown.

This Special Homie was brought to life with Big Mom's Devil Fruit and is among the very few One Piece ships that can be considered alive. Although Queen Mama Chanter has a very outgoing personality, it will cower in fear whenever under attack.

3) Red Force (Red Hair Pirates)

The Red Hair Pirates have always had a really classy look and feel. They perfectly embody the pirate theme of the One Piece series and it's no surprise that their ship also follows suit.

Red Force is a standard pirate ship with multiple sails, a red color scheme, and ornate decorations on the side. Unlike most pirate ships, this one has palm trees growing on the main deck.

Shanks is powerful even by Yonko standards, as he can stop entire wars by himself and send Admirals running away. Whenever his ship is nearby, his enemies can expect nothing but trouble.

2) Moby Dick (Whitebeard Pirates)


The Whitebeard Pirates struck fear into the hearts of many pirates and Marines. For several decades, they sailed the seas with the legendary Moby Dick.

It's among the bigger ships in the One Piece series. Of course, it's only fitting that it uses a whale figurehead. At some point, the ship was coated with a material known as special resin, which allowed it to submerge itself underwater.

Moby Dick was eventually burned down in the Marineford arc during Whitebeard's last stand. Unsurprisingly, a captain always goes down with his ships.

1) Oro Jackson (Roger Pirates)


As it currently stands in the One Piece series, the Oro Jackson is the most infamous ship in the series. It really stands out with the red sails, mermaid figureheads, and gold trimmings. A dedicated forum was even named after it, although it shut down a while ago.

Tom built the Oro Jackson back in Water 7, crafting it very carefully with Adam Wood. He was later executed by the World Government, since the ship belonged to Gol D. Roger. The late Pirate King was so infamous that anybody related to him was considered a criminal.

Roger sailed aboard the ship all the way to Laugh Tale. With that being said, it's unknown what happened to Oro Jackson after his execution in Loguetown.

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