One Piece: 8 mysteries that remain unsolved after Wano Country

Not every plot thread has been resolved (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Viz Media/One Piece)
Not every plot thread has been resolved (Image via Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha/Viz Media/One Piece)

Every time One Piece gives readers some type of answer, there are always more questions that follow.

The Wano Country arc will finally be ending in Chapter 1057. It's been a long journey, but it's time for Luffy to move on to his next one.

With that said, there are a few plot threads that remain unresolved. Some of them will likely be answered soon, while others will take a long while. For better or worse, the One Piece series requires a lot of patience.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers up to One Piece Chapter 1057 and reflects the opinions of the writer.

Identity of Yamato’s mother, Pluton's appearance, and 6 other One Piece questions that are yet to be answered after the events of Wano Country

1) Why does Wano Country have different climates?

Wano Country is a very strange island, to say the least. Each region has a very different climate. For example, the Flower Capital has a spring theme, while Ringo is always set in the winter.

This has always been the case in the One Piece story, even after Kaido turned most of the country into a giant weapons factory.

Some theorists speculate that Wano Country was originally composed of several different islands. A few of them even believe that Oars the Continental Puller was responsible.

Regardless of whether or not that's true, nobody really bothers asking why there are so many different climates.

2) Where did the Big Mom Pirates go?

For most of the Wano Country arc, the Big Mom Pirates were stuck down the waterfall. All of their attempts to get back up were thwarted by King and Marco. This has become a running joke in the One Piece community.

Since their matriarch's defeat, the Big Mom Pirates' current whereabouts are unknown. However, they were last spotted attacking World Government ships after the raid ended.

Readers can only wonder if mangaka Eiichiro Oda has any further plans for them. With the mysterious disappearance of their mother, their future remains uncertain. Perhaps they will show up again in the Germa cover story that's still ongoing.

3) What does Pluton look like?

After several years, readers finally have a definite answer to Pluton's location. For the past 800 years, it has been buried deep underground in Wano Country, right underneath Mt. Fuji. Kozuki Sukiyaki told Nico Robin that he never saw the weapon himself, so its appearance remains a mystery.

The only way to release Pluton is to break down the walls protecting Wano Country. Of course, they are currently not prepared to deal with Marine forces, so the warship is going to stay put for a while.

The Ancient Weapon seems to be end-game material for the One Piece series. Pluton will likely show up again in the last few arcs.

4) Why did Seastone originate from Wano Country?

Seastone is a strange material that has the ability to cancel out Devil Fruit powers. Basil Hawkins once mentioned that Seastone originated in Wano Country. However, it hasn't been explained any further.

Seastone's main ingredient is a substance known as Pyrobloin. Some theorists believe that Wano Country is connected to Jaya, but that remains unconfirmed.

By the time the Straw Hats left Wano Country, readers knew just as much about Seastone before their journey as they did afterwards. There is still no explanation for why the Marines have such vast quantities in the One Piece series.

5) Who is Eustass Kid looking for?

Shortly before he left Wano Country, Kid mentioned that he would look for "a man with a burn mark." He seems to believe that it will get him one step closer to finding the One Piece treasure. This is a very bold claim since Luffy has more Road Poneglyphs than Kid does.

Luffy and Kid have already gone their separate ways, so it might take a while for the perspective to switch back to Kid.

Naturally, readers can only ask themselves who the mystery person is going to be. It's currently unknown if Kid is referring to a new character or a previously established one. Popular theories include the man who met with Crocus during a cover story and Scopper Gaban from the Roger Pirates.

6) What happened to Kaido and Big Mom?

By the end of the Wano Country arc, Kaido and Big Mom had fallen into molten lava deep underground. However, in the past week since their defeat, not a single character has commented on their status.

One Piece readers have no idea if they are dead or alive. It should be noted that Momonosuke doesn't seem to be worried about them coming back, so they aren't even factored into his future plans for Wano Country.

Either way, it's very strange how their current status remains unknown. The World Government has already stripped away their Yonko titles, so they may no longer be major players in the New World.

7) Who is Yamato’s mother?

Very little is known about Yamato's childhood beyond a brief flashback when Kaido stuck him inside a cave. In fact, there is a lot that hasn't been talked about in regards to Yamato. This includes why Kaido went after his Mythical Zoan Fruit and whether the Oni race has any significance in the story.

Of course, the most persistent question is the identity of Yamato's mother. The One Piece manga hasn't provided any hints about her whereabouts. Nobody really talks about her, not even Kaido and Yamato.

It's readily apparent that whoever this person is, they no longer play a role in the family. Otherwise, somebody would have made a comment by now. Either way, it remains to be seen if Yamato's mother will factor into the story.

8) Did Zoro really meet the Grim Reaper?

Back in One Piece Chapter 1038, Zoro had a very strange encounter with a hooded figure carrying a scythe. Keep in mind that he was already suffering from critically low health.

Zoro just barely survived a fight against King. He also took a recovery potion that would double his pain shortly afterwards. Many readers were very worried that he would die in the Onigashima Raid.

Although he did recover from his severe injuries, Zoro is yet to discuss what he saw back then. Supernatural elements are rarely seen in the One Piece series, making this a very unusual occurrence.

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