10 Spy X Family characters with secrets, ranked least to most destructive

Who has the most dangerous secrets? (Image via Wit Studio)
Who has the most dangerous secrets? (Image via Wit Studio)

Inside the world of Spy X Family, intel is considered the most valuable weapon a person can have. This is why most characters try to keep their deepest secrets hidden from everyone, even those they love the most. Some of the secrets inside the series could completely change the world our characters live in.

Yet, there is no denying that some secrets are exponentially more dangerous than others. If the secrets kept by some characters were ever to be leaked to the public, the world could potentially enter a state of chaos. In this list, we will rank the ten characters with the most secrets in Spy X Family according to how dangerous their secrets are for the world.

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Whose secrets could rewrite Spy X Family’s history?

1) Damian Desmond

Damian as seen in the show (Image via Wit Studio)
Damian as seen in the show (Image via Wit Studio)

The Desmond family is still one of the biggest mysteries the world of Spy X Family has to offer fans. However, out of all the potentially world-ending secrets the family possesses, Damian's are the least destructive of the bunch.

For Damian, his most private secrets involve his pre-school habits being revealed to the world, as proven by Spy X Family Chapter 67-1. Damian is also hiding the fact that he feels neglected by his parents, something fans hope will change in the near future.

2) Franky Franklin

Franky and the Forgers (Image via Wit Studio)
Franky and the Forgers (Image via Wit Studio)

As one of WISE's informants, it is obvious that Franky knows more about Spy X Family's world than most other people in the series. He is the person Loid relies on to figure out how to best approach a difficult mission.

However, Franky has never seemed like the agent who knows WISE's darkest secrets. His information gathering mainly involves rumors or publicly accessible information. It is hard to imagine that Franky's secrets would somehow lead to the world being destroyed.

3) Fiona Frost

Agent Nightfall is one of WISE's most valuable assets and Loid's former trainee. Do not be fooled by her cold and distant exterior, as Fiona has one of the biggest hearts in the series. However, she usually keeps this side of herself a secret from the world due to her desire to always appear professional, as her mentor taught her.

Besides the regular secrets Fiona knows because of being a part of WISE, her biggest secret is her almost obsessive crush on agent Twilight. Fiona would love more than anything for Loid to see her as more than a coworker. If this secret were ever leaked, it would be embarrassing for Fiona, but it would hardly change the course of Spy X Family's history.

4) Yuri Briar

Yuri as seen in the show (Image via Wit Studio)
Yuri as seen in the show (Image via Wit Studio)

To the outside world, Yuri is nothing more than a ministry worker. However, he is one of the Secret Security Service's best agents, known for making his targets spill their secrets in seconds.

Yuri probably does not know any of the major secrets Ostania's government is keeping from the public, but his real job would be more than enough to cause a massive stir in the franchise. His sister's trust in him would be completely shattered, leaving both Briar siblings broken for quite some time.

5) Yor Forger

Yor as seen in the show (Image via Wit Studio)
Yor as seen in the show (Image via Wit Studio)

Like her brother, Yor also keeps her true job a secret from the outside world. During the day, she is nothing more than a regular city hall worker, but her true identity as the Thorn Princess comes out when night falls.

Yor is one of Garden's best assassins, which means she probably learns a lot about the state of Spy X Family's world from her objectives. Unfortunately, Yor is also extremely forgetful and absent-minded, so most of the secrets she does learn are forgotten hours later.

6) Shopkeeper

Another organization Spy X Family fans would love to learn more about in the future is the enigmatic Garden. It is a group of assassins composed of only the most proficient killers in the world. They end the lives of those who have betrayed Ostania's ideals and their people.

Their boss, only known as the Shopkeeper, is a calm but professional man who seems to know a lot more about the world than he lets on. While it is improbable that he knows secrets that could end up causing a catastrophe, there is no denying that some of the secrets he is aware of could cause problems for many people.

7) Anya Forger

Anya as seen in the show (Image via Wit Studio)
Anya as seen in the show (Image via Wit Studio)

When seeing Anya for the first time, you would not believe her to be keeping one of the world's most dangerous secrets. And yet, because of the experiments she was subjected to before the start of Spy X Family, she does.

Anya is not only keeping her secret abilities as a telepath a secret from the world but also all the secrets she has heard because of said power. Yor and Loid are still unaware of their daughter's ability, so they always reveal their deepest secrets to Anya by mistake.

Besides this, if Anya's powers were ever discovered, she would most likely end up being used as a weapon for either WISE or their enemies.

8) Bond Forger

Anya is not the only character in Spy X Family who is keeping a world-changing power a secret from everyone. Their dog, the fluffy and adorable Bond, also has a power of his own, clairvoyance. Bond normally uses this ability to prevent tragedies or save people from danger.

However, the world would never be the same if people with bigger agendas were to figure out how unique this canine's gifts are. Bond's powers could be used to prevent terrorist attacks, stop murder attempts, or even imprison people before they ever commit a crime.

If Bond was captured by bad guys, they could accomplish all their objectives without ever being captured because they would be aware of their enemies' movements.

9) Loid Forger

Loid as seen in the show (Image via Wit Studio)
Loid as seen in the show (Image via Wit Studio)

It is no surprise that the man considered the greatest Spy in the world knows many secrets that could change the course of history. For years, Loid has been working tirelessly to bring everlasting peace to the world, which has led him to fight against some of the world's biggest threats.

Ostania's government desperately wants to capture him and learn every bit of information he holds inside his head. Since Yor is a member of the Garden, one of her missions is to kill all the spies she comes in context with, meaning that Loid, as well as the Forger family, could be endangered if Twilight's secrets are ever revealed.

10) Donovan Desmond

Besides being one of the worst fathers in existence, Donovan also holds the most dangerous secrets in Spy X Family. Fans know next to nothing about his goals or motivations, but we do know that they could be the reason for another war between Ostania and Westalis.

For years, people from both nations have been working day and night to prevent another armed conflict. This could only mean that Donovan's secrets are exponentially more devastating than any other, as they threaten the peace of the entire world.

Final thoughts

Anya knows all of your secrets (Image via Wit Studio)
Anya knows all of your secrets (Image via Wit Studio)

Spies, assassins, and corrupt government officials are things the people from Spy X Family’s world have to deal with regularly. While most of them are working hard to make the world a better place, this does not mean they all share a common objective.

In a world with so many hidden motives, information is vital for the survival of an individual. Many secrets exist inside this world, but not all of them will help the people that learn about their existence. The characters in Spy X Family need to be careful with the information they share, as they do not know what could cause unprecedented chaos in their universe.

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