10 strongest seinen anime characters, ranked

Alucard, one of seinen anime's strongest characters (Image via Studio Gonzo)
Alucard, one of seinen anime's strongest characters (Image via Studio Gonzo)

If shonen characters can have gods, ninjas, and other types, then seinen anime can have their champions too! Since the seinen realm is more into higher adult things, this one was tough to write without relying on several sources to confirm the seinen demographic for the various anime and manga here.

Nonetheless, this article will examine the seinen anime characters that can seriously give shonen characters a run for their money. It's not exhaustive or otherwise complete, as there may be stronger than these choices.

Note: This article will contain spoilers for all seinen anime discussed. It's also only the author's opinion. Not all feats are listed likewise. Otherwise, the article would be way too long.

These are the strongest seinen anime characters, ranked from weakest to strongest

10) Lelouch Vi Britannia (Code Geass)

Like regular humans in the seinen anime Code Geass, Lelouch is vulnerable to many things. Since Lelouch doesn't use any strength, he relies on the powerful Nightmare Frame robot to do most of his attacking. However, his powers of hypnosis and mind control are what put him on this list.

His Geass was able to trump his Father Charles (who was near godhood at the time) and mind control thousands of people using only his intellect. He was able to keep Britannia on its toes. By the end of the series, he was Emperor of Britannia and could mind control the world. However, he does get to the bottom due to only being human and orchestrating his death.

9) Diva Goldsmith (Blood+)

A vampirish character with a thirst for blood and an appetite for destruction, Diva of the seinen anime Blood+ is a force to be reckoned with. Alongside regular vampiric abilities like flight and speed enough to teleport, alongside extrasensory perception, her voice is very controlling and can control and awaken their chiropterans.

She's superhumanly strong and can use telepathy and telekinesis. She also has physical transformations and is psychologically overpowering when her brute physical strength doesn't cut it, nor does her blood usage as a weapon. She's considered to be the most physically powerful in Blood+. The drawback is that she's only fought humans and her sister Saya.

8) Ken Kaneki (Tokyo Ghoul)


An artificial One-Eyed Ghoul, Ken Kaneki has received multiple power-ups over time. Firstly, his speed is faster than regular humans, and he can blitz through large groups. He has had injuries that would be fatal and keeps going, his regeneration is suitable for massive wounds and limbs, and his speed reaches hypersonic levels.

He's also capable of eventually destroying all of Tokyo, as an explosion caused during a rampage nearly did that. He's fought monsters and other ghouls to get where he is. Not to mention, he can he's relatively durable as modern weapons barely scratch him and his stamina is high.

7) Guts (Berserk)

Guts from the seinen anime Berserk may be human but more powerful and better conditioned than Lelouch is.

For one thing, Guts has been on the battlefield since he was six years old and can wield giant swords with ease. He's also a combat pragmatist and is very versatile in battle.

But what makes him stand out is his peak human and superhuman conditioning and his will to defy death itself. The Berserker armor helps boost his strength and speed tenfold.

His only drawbacks are the Brand of Sacrifice, which can bleed and produce vast amounts of pain that nearly cripples him when near a demon. Combine that with the Berserker armor, turning him into a feral monster and his Beast of darkness requiring constant control. You have a compelling yet still vulnerable character trying to make it in a harsh world.

6) Lucy (Elfen Lied)

As emotionally unstable as Lucy from the seinen Elfen Lied is, she's also freakishly powerful. She doesn't seem threatening as a human-seeming girl, but her Vectors (invisible hands that rip people apart) are.

She's killed humans easily after escaping her confinement with a single vector swing. She's caused a nuclear explosion and thus a tsunami with her vectors and casually remarks that she can destroy the planet.

She's also hypersonically fast and can power up and keep moving even when melting. She also quickly caused a storm, and her vectors have ripped people apart in seconds. These aren't idle boasts. She's killed many people on Earth and has also gone against stronger people.

5) Ryuko Matoi (Kill la Kill)

Ryuko Matoi (Image via Studio Trigger)
Ryuko Matoi (Image via Studio Trigger)

For those wondering why Nui Harime, who was invincible, or Ragyo Kiriyuin is missing on this list, the seinen lead of Kill la Kill, Ryuko Matoi, ends up besting Harmie by slicing her arms off and getting the best of Ragyo Kiriyuin.

With Senketsu on, Ryuko was capable of speed blitzing (nearly Dragon Ball level teleportation), strong enough to break a continent (if not a moon, given that she blew a hole in the New Genesis Sphere). Other feats with the scissor blade, such as thoroughly trashing the Elite Four and match blows with Satsuki Kiriyuin and stronger foes.

By the end of her series, it's shown that Ryuko can heal rapidly and can slice the city-sized Honnōji Academy in two with a giant version of the scissor without Senketsu.

She survived massive blood loss that would kill an average human and even ripped a controlling strand of life fiber out of her head and survived the vacuum of space.

4) Alucard (Hellsing)


The vampire from the Hellsing organization is here because of his varied abilities as a vampire and experimentation done on him. Some of the standard vampiric abilities are there: drinking blood that he needs to survive, super speed (at least supersonic levels judging by how he caught bullets with his teeth), hypnosis, regeneration and extrasensory perception, alongside a form of immortality.

Then there are Alucard's special abilities, like intangibility, superhuman strength, shapeshifting into various forms, and even absorbing people into himself. His most significant feat was unleashing three million souls to stop Millennium from taking over London, and he's done more than that.

3) Vash the Stampede (Trigun)


The blonde-haired seinen lead gunslinger from Trigun has a lot of ability up his sleeves. Besides his marksmanship abilities and his Angel arm giving him access to enhanced strength and relativistic speed, he has access to many hidden powerful talents. One is high resistance to pain, body control, mind manipulation, and other resistances.

Black Hole bullets can overpower black holes and suck things into them while also being Unverse+ level in speed and can shoot thousands of bullets in the same hole. Also, he sniped a black hole into a separate universe and survived torture for eight straight months. In short, don't mess with this gunslinger. He's dealt with far worse opponents than he is.

2) Saitama (One Punch Man)


Of course, Saitama is here. He's a shonen parody character from the seinen anime One Punch Man. The trouble with putting Saitama on any list is that he's a parody character. He's literally above everyone else for the sake of humor alone.

Saitama once jumped to the moon and back without any effort. Saitama has gone to FTL, if not faster speeds. Saitama has never been damaged. He has never exerted himself either. Like the Chuck Norris meme or Bugs Bunny, this seinen character might as well be unbeatable, but still not above a goddess.

1) Madoka Kaname (Magica Madoka)

Madoka has gone from regular magical girl to goddess starting as a regular girl. It's not easy to write down since the end of the seinen anime series Magica Madoka had her powerset be reality itself and omnipotence. She can erase people, rewrite the laws of existence itself, and is multiversally powerful to rewrite her multiverse.

She has speed above all other magical girls of her era and can avoid being killed unless concept manipulation exists. She has void manipulation, reduced and eliminated corruption in all magical girls, has rewritten the very laws of physics in her universe, and is probably one of the better healers and weapons creators on this list.

Madoka is strong and omnipotent. Unless Saitama has seriously punched a god out, he cannot beat her.