9 most powerful Cursed Tools in Jujutsu Kaisen, ranked

Cursed Tools in Jujutsu Kaisen (Image via Sportskeeda)
Cursed Tools in Jujutsu Kaisen (Image via Sportskeeda)

Jujutsu Kaisen has introduced several powerful and complicated Cursed Techniques, but there is more to jujutsu than techniques, barriers and even domains.

Cursed Tools form a major part of a sorcerer’s arsenal. It is especially so for those without an innate Cursed Technique like Yuuji Itadori, or for people like Toji and Maki who are unable to use cursed energy at all.

This article lists some of the most powerful Cursed Tools in the Jujutsu Kaisen series, ranking them based on the weapons’ offensive abilities and the Cursed Techniques imbued into them.

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From Mai to the Inverted Spear of Heaven, 9 of the most powerful Cursed Tools in Jujutsu Kaisen

9) Mai (the sword)

Mai creates a sword by giving her life (Image via Gege Akutami/Shueisha, coloring by u/Sea_of_Hope)
Mai creates a sword by giving her life (Image via Gege Akutami/Shueisha, coloring by u/Sea_of_Hope)

In the Perfect Preparation arc of Jujutsu Kaisen, Mai Zenin sacrificed herself and created a weapon for her twin sister Maki at the cost of her life. What followed was a complete bloodbath, with Maki annihilating the Zenin clan with the sword, which she referred to by her dead sister’s name.

It was previously unclear if the sword was imbued with any cursed energy. However, in chapter 195 of Jujutsu Kaisen, Daidou attacks Noya with Mai and immediately concludes that the sword is “demonic.” In fact, Daidou even asks the sword directly if it chooses its wielder.

Despite not having any specific powers, Mai the Sword is definitely a terrifying cursed tool due to its bloody history and power when handled by someone skilled.

Even more interesting is the fact that the sword looks identical to the one Toji Zenin had used in his fight against Gojo, mentioning that it had cost him 500 million yen.

8) Higuruma’s gavel

Unlike most of the entries on this list, Hiromi Higuruma’s cursed tool is directly linked to his Cursed Technique. A gavel resembling that of a judge in court, it is extremely versatile, appearing and disappearing at Higuruma’s will. It can also morph into various other weapons, including a much longer hammer, a staff and even a hook.

If his shikigami, Judgeman, imposes an execution order on his opponent, Higuruma’s gavel transforms into a lethal Executioner’s Sword, capable of killing its target in one strike.

7) Dragon-Bone

Maki using Dragon-Bone (Image via Gege Akutami/Shueisha, coloring by @GojoGotGame)
Maki using Dragon-Bone (Image via Gege Akutami/Shueisha, coloring by @GojoGotGame)

Another cursed sword in Jujutsu Kaisen with a similarly bloody history, Dragon-Bone is a cursed tool crafted by Juzo Kumiya, one he considers his masterpiece.

This cursed tool is a single-blade sword with three holes, which absorbs both kinetic force and cursed energy from the opponent’s attacks and releases it at the wielder’s will. Maki was able to cut her father, Ogi Zenin’s katana clean off with Dragon-Bone and later, used it simultaneously with the sword Mai left her to kill off the Zenin clan.

6) Chain of a Thousand Miles

Toji using CHain of a Thousand Miles (Image via Gege Akutami/Shueisha)
Toji using CHain of a Thousand Miles (Image via Gege Akutami/Shueisha)

Toji Zenin was one of the best Cursed Tool handlers in Jujutsu Kaisen. He collected numerous unique and powerful weapons and used several of them against Gojo in the Star Plasma Vessel arc.

This included the Chain of a Thousand Miles, a special-grade Cursed Tool with the ability to extend endlessly as long as the user keeps one of the ends of the tool hidden.

Toji hid one end of the chain inside the cursed spirit he used to store his weapons, connecting the other end to the Inverted Spear of Heaven for maximizing the latter’s offensive power.

5) Black Rope


Black Rope was first seen in Jujutsu Kaisen 0 during the Night Parade of Hundred Demons, when the curse-user Miguel used it to fend off Gojo. Comparable to special-grade Cursed Tools, Black Rope has an unknown curse woven into it. The curse enables it to hamper and nullify the cursed technique of the opponent’s attack.

It can nullify attacks and also other cursed weapons and objects, being one of the options that can nullify the Prison Realm where Gojo remains currently trapped.

However, Black Rope has a major drawback, with the rope gradually burning off every time its Cursed Technique is activated. Miguel was forced to use up whatever rope he had in the fight against Gojo, and the search for more Black Rope has proven to be fruitless.

4) Festering Life Sword

Kurourushi's Festering Life Swor (Image via Gege Akutami/Shueisha)
Kurourushi's Festering Life Swor (Image via Gege Akutami/Shueisha)

Despite making a rather brief appearance in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga, this Cursed Tool proved itself to be a terrifying weapon to deal with. Belonging to the special-grade cursed spirit Kuruourushi, the Festering Life Sword is described in the manga to mix life and death.

The weapon resembles a cleaver with six holes on its blade, which releases cursed insect eggs when Kurourushi swings it or cuts its target directly. On impact, the eggs immediately hatch and cause curses to sprout from the target’s body, killing them.

Only proficient Reverse Cursed Technique users like Yuta Okkotsu can exorcize them from their body.

3) Playful Cloud


Playful Cloud is one of the first special-grade Cursed Tools introduced in Jujutsu Kaisen. The three-sectioned staff is unique in that it is not imbued with a Cursed Technique, simply with cursed energy.

Playful Cloud’s offensive power is directly proportional to its wielder’s physical prowess. It was seen through the sheer difference in power between Megumi and Maki using it during the Kyoto Goodwill Event against Hanami.

During the Shibuya Incident in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga, a resurrected Toji used it to single-handedly destroy hordes of Dagon’s shikigami. Toji, then proceeded to sharpen the two ends of the staff into spears by rubbing them together and exorcizing Dagon by stabbing him with it repeatedly.

Playful Cloud was also used by Geto in Jujutsu Kaisen 0, during his fight against Yuta in his attempt to capture Rika.

2) Sword of Extermination

Mahoraga wielding the Sword of Extermination (Image via Gege Akutami/Shueisha)
Mahoraga wielding the Sword of Extermination (Image via Gege Akutami/Shueisha)

Sword of Extermination is one of the most powerful weapons on this list, due to its lethal offensive power, especially against curses. Belonging to the strong shikigami of the Ten Shadows technique, Mahoraga, this Cursed Tool is a double-edged sword coated in positive energy.

Just like the energy created by Reverse Cursed Technique, the cursed energy coating of this Sword is more effective when used against cursed spirits rather than humans. However, it can still do substantial damage to the latter.

In the Jujutsu Kaisen manga, Mahoraga used this Cursed Tool against Sukuna during the Shibuya Incident. The latter admitted that he would have died had he been a normal cursed spirit. The only reason he survived was because he was inhabiting Yuuji’s body, and he still sustained some damage and was forced to use Domain Expansion to defeat Mahoraga.

1) Inverted Spear of Heaven

Inverted Spear is arguably the most powerful Cursed Tool introduced in Jujutsu Kaisen yet. This special-grade cursed weapon is imbued with a special type of cursed energy, giving it the ability to nullify any Cursed Technique it comes into contact with.

Originally collected by Toji Zenin, it is powerful enough to completely nullify Limitless, as was seen from his fight against Gojo during the Star Plasma Vessel arc. Toji connected the Inverted Spear of Heaven with the Chain of a Thousand Miles to drastically increase its range. This made it suitable for long-range combat and managed to subdue Gojo by nullifying his Infinity barrier with the weapon and driving it straight into his throat.


Most Cursed Tools are only as effective as their wielders, even when they are incredibly lethal. This is most obvious from Yuta Okkotsu’s use of the cursed loudspeaker imbued with the Inumaki clan’s Cursed Speech technique in Jujutsu Kaisen 0.

So even powerful tools like Playful Cloud doesn’t pack as much of a punch when used by someone like Megumi Fushiguro. It is especially so because Megumi is unused to handling it and is more proficient with Cursed Techniques rather than with close-range combat.

In sharp contrast, Cursed Tools like Shigemo’s hand-sword makes him significantly better at combat, despite his cowardly nature and preference for attacking someone when their guard is down.

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