Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 Episode 7 shows Annie and Levi’s return while Yeagerists take over the country

The Wall Titans advancing in Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 Episode 7 (Image via Studio MAPPA)
The Wall Titans advancing in Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 Episode 7 (Image via Studio MAPPA)

Attack on Titan's final season part 2's episode 7 shows Paradis Island in absolute chaos as the Rumbling leaves a trail of collateral damage in its wake.

Attack on Titan season 4 part 2's episode 6 revealed that Eren had undone all hardening on the island anticipating Annie’s return, and Connie had taken Falco away to be fed to his mother.

The latest episode explores along the same lines, along with the military situation of the country under the Yeagerists.

Highlights from Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2's Episode 7

Hitch finds Annie

Attack on Titan's latest episode began with a view of Trost District, where members of the military police were going about rescuing people who were injured or trapped under the collapsed walls.

Hitch Dreyse, who fans last saw in Attack on Titan season 3's part 2, led the operation. She overheard the rescued but otherwise unharmed citizens quarreling among themselves over their conflicting opinions on the necessity of Eren’s actions.

Fearing a revolt, she ordered her man to stock up on riot gear and entered the castle, spotting puddles of water coming from the basement. Realizing what might have happened, Hitch followed the trail of water and found Annie. The latter was weak and frail, seemingly not having grown at all over the last four years ever since being crystallized in Attack on Titan's season 1.

Threatening to turn into a titan, Annie persuaded Hitch to take her to Shiganshina. She revealed that despite being comatose, she could hear Hitch and Armin’s voices from within the crystal and had a decent idea of what was going on in the outside world.

Hitch showed Annie the destruction left behind by the Rumbling and asked her how it felt looking at the people crushed beneath her feet for the sake of their grand mission.

Annie speaks about her past

Hitch asked in Attack on Titan's latest episode if Annie thought all the people killed were necessary sacrifices to stop that very fate, and Annie simply said she never cared about saving the world. They were soldiers who were taught that anyone outside their borders, be it soldiers or civilians, could be killed. She spoke of her past and her ancestry as born of an illicit affair between her Marleyan mother and an Eldian man.

She further spoke about how she was abandoned as a baby, and was taken in by a foreigner with Eldian blood living in the internment camp, with a similar story as hers. He wanted to make Annie a warrior and honorary Marleyan so he could increase his standard of living and trained her brutally, beating his own homeland’s martial arts into her.


Annie eventually grew up to be just as strong as the man had hoped but lost all belief in the meaning of life, including her own. But on the day she was leaving for Paradis Island, the man who loved her like a daughter, cried and apologized, and begged her to not go. She promised that she would come back, and told Hitch that she would do it all again to go back to her father who was waiting for her.

The Eldians in Marley revolt

Attack on Titan season 4 part 2's episode 7 shifted back to the internment camp in Marley where the panicked Eldians tried to warn the Marleyan guards about the Wall Titans coming to kill them all. The episode also showed Zeke’s grandparents, who said that the day when the island devils would kill them all had finally arrived.

The Marleyan soldiers refused to believe them however, accused them of criminal conspiracy and put them all under arrest at gunpoint. Annie’s father, who also among these Eldians, remembered her promise, refused to bow down, and turned to attack the armed guard.

The Yeagerists take over the government


The scene in Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 episode 7 shifted back to Shiganshina, where the Yeagerists had regrouped and taken over the fortress. A couple of younger Military Police soldiers tried to warn Instructor Shadis to save himself, who refused, laying out the eventual fate that awaited him as leftover from an older regime.

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Floch shot one of the volunteers to make an example of what would happen to those who gwould o against the Yeagerists. When Jeans asked why he was acting like the one in charge, Floch revealed that ten months ago, Eren had told him his plan. He went back to threatening the volunteers and asked them to choose whether they would die for their pride or live as an ally for the new Eldian Empire.

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Mikasa arrived to find Jean looking on in horror and Floch tried to convince him that while Eren solved their problems outside the walls of Paradis, he would eliminate all revolts within.

He told Jean that they could all go back to their old lives and live in comfort, without having to fight to survive. Floch called that "freedom." Mikasa asked Floch where Levi and Hange were, to which he casually replied that Zeke had killed them.

Armin’s realization


Attack on Titan season 4 part 2's episode 7 moved back and forth between the two scenes, with Mikasa trying to stop Armin from going to Ragako village before she arrived to find Floch executing the volunteer.

Armin insisted that he had to go to earn Gabi’s trust, as she was their only hope for getting Reiner and Pieck to ally with them. He steeled himself to tell Connie that he couldn’t feed Falco to his mother to bring her back, considering the problem of the inheritance of the Nine Titans.

Mikasa asked what she should do and he asked her to go help Jean and to think for herself. When she asked about Eren, Armin snapped and started rambling about the various problems that were plaguing him. Some of them included Hange and Levi being dead, Floch turning against them, and Historia being in danger. Amongst all of these, Eren was the only problem they could do nothing about.

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He stopped after seeing Mikasa’s dejected face and apologized, saying Commander Erwin would not have lashed out at her like that. He believed that saving Erwin instead of him would have been the right call back in Attack on Titan season 3's part 2. After he left, a dejected Mikasa looked behind her and noticed that her scarf was gone.

Falco and Connie


Gabi bid farewell to Sasha’s family and Kaya, who still referred to her as Mia, prompting the former to reveal her real name. Sasha’s parents assured her that Connie wouldn’t sacrifice a young boy so easily, even to save his mother.


Towards the end of Attack on Titan season 4 part 2's episode 7, fans saw Falco thanking Connie for saving him. Reiner had explained in episode 6 that Falco’s memory would be affected by his first titan transformation and that is what had happened, with Falco having no idea that he had turned into a Titan or that he had eaten Galliard. Connie lied to him, and told Falco that he saved him after finding him passed out on the ground all alone.

Connie began thinking of his family, all of whom were dead except for his mother, and asked her to wait for him. Falco, meanwhile, mused about how Connie seemed familiar, despite the latter’s insistence that they hadn’t met before.

Hange finds Pieck

Attack on Titan season 4 part 2 episode 7 ended with Pieck and Captain Magath hiding in the forest, watching the airships that were returning back to Marley, presumably to warn the nation. Just then, Hange called out to them, and told them not to eat her, showing that she had no weapons. She gestured to Levi behind her, who had most of his face bandaged up, and referred to him as a stubborn guy who refused to die.

Preview to Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 8


The preview to Attack on Titan season 4 part 2's episode 8 showed the Wall Titans still advancing, while Jean sat with his hands over his ears. Mikasa lay in bed, all of them thinking of the countless human lives who would die.

Armin and Gabi were shown riding towards Ragako village, and Floch’s enraged visage was followed by Yelena and Onyankopon’s resigned ones. Connie held a blade to Falco’s neck and Armin was seen using his 3D maneuver gear. The title of the next Attack on Titan episode was revealed to be “Pride.”

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